A visitor at the BU stand

UCAS exhibitions and our top tips

A UCAS exhibition is a great opportunity to research your post-18 options and discover a range of education and employment opportunities under one roof. We attend a number of Higher Education and UCAS exhibitions around the UK, providing you with plenty of opportunities to meet us, pick up a prospectus and have a chat about… Read more »

Bournemouth for free

  It can be hard adjusting to living on a student budget. You may find yourself in the tricky situation of having to entertain yourself during the day without parting with any beloved pennies. Luckily, Bournemouth has a few freebies to offer for these troublesome times, so there is no fear of being stuck at… Read more »

Bethany’s Global Horizons Fund experience

I’m about to let you on to what I like to call one of BU’s little secrets. This little secret can give you a big opportunity to chase your dreams and fulfil your wanderlust desires, and the crazy thing is, from people I have spoken to, not many people even know this exists. This best… Read more »

Kristap’s Journey to BU

“MY Journey to BU has been awsome… because I know that Bournemouth University is the right place and this is the right time”. Awesome! That is the right word to describe my journey. But why? Why awesome? To answer that I need to put it into perspective. After finishing high-school I moved to London all… Read more »

Abigail’s Journey to BU

“I was dead-set on Bournemouth and believed that whatever vision I had would definitely be met”. My journey to Bournemouth University started in 2014 during a midnight scroll around the Internet looking for a university with an excellent media department. Through my internet searching I came across BU and I was immediately sold because of… Read more »

The ultimate Fresher’s guide to making new friends

If you’re currently reading this blog post, then I think it’s relatively safe for me to assume that 1) you’re starting university in September (how exciting!) and 2) you’re slightly worried about the whole ‘making new friends’ aspect of uni. Rewind 12 months and I was in the exact same position as you guys –… Read more »

Being Latvian in Bournemouth

Latvia – the most amazing country in the world. Latvia is known as a country with stunning landscapes and magnificent nature. Overall, the easiest way to describe Latvia is to look at Ieva’s blog about Lithuania. Latvia is all of it, but 100 times better. It is impossible to describe how great my country is…. Read more »

Dylan’s Bar

I’m not sure who Dylan is, but I would love to thank him for Bournemouth University’s fun and friendly, on-campus bar. Whether it’s some affordable food you need after a long day of lectures, a few drinks with friends or competing to win the pub quiz, it has something for everyone! Every Monday afternoon, you… Read more »


Jaimalee’s journey to BU

As I started preparing my daughter Jennea for the bright, yet challenging, world ahead of her at her own university last year, she asked with concern and love, “What are you going to do now mum?” Without thinking, I answered her as I always had: “Live bold, follow bliss, experience despite fear”. I’ve said these… Read more »

Ricky Santos

BU student wins national radio script writing competition

Ricky Santos, a BA (Hons) Scriptwriting for Film and Television student, has won a national radio script writing competition. Ricky, 29, was one of five finalists in Creating Waves 2016, a competition to write a radio ad on the subject of National Accident Helpline’s Accident Awareness Week. Ricky, who was a finalist in last year’s… Read more »

The Start of my PR and Marketing Placement

On 26 February, I eagerly accepted an offer for a year long placement at allbranded UK, a promotional products company who were just launching their new and improved online store. I am now working in a friendly and welcoming office full of skilled individuals who can help and work with me throughout the year. Starting… Read more »

Cooking and fending for yourself

When it comes to cooking, don’t expect gourmet, because unfortunately that’s not what you get. Smart Price is what you get. So from now on forget your best friend, your new best friend is ASDA. I used to be a bit of a food snob only buying branded food and never even looking at supermarket… Read more »