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There’s no doubt about it that seaside town Bournemouth boasts an array of nightclubs, bars and pubs which over the past year and a half have given me plenty of unforgettable nights out.

Let’s face it, your social life is an important factor to take into account when looking for a university to start your new life at, I know Bournemouth’s nightlife certainly helped draw me in to living in Bournemouth as a full time student. Staying happy at university, taking a break from hard work and being able to unwind with your friends in your spare time is something that should be prevalent in every student’s life and thankfully Bournemouth offers a variety of nights out with different music tastes and settings, which is sure to fit anyone’s needs.

Bournemouth University’s very own student union nightclub and bar is set in a fire station. Yeah, you heard right, a fire station, and it hosts a different event pretty much every night of the week. If dancing carelessly with your friends to the latest hits is your thing, then Lollipop Fridays will become your new best friend. If you’re more into Indie music, then they also provide a district night on a Monday which blasts out the likes of Arctic Monkeys and The Killers while simultaneously serving up free pizza! For £1 entry, I’d go even if it was just for the free pizza.


If cheap drinks and house music is your kind of scene, then ‘Halo’ is your kind of place. Being the only nightclub in England, and I’m pretty sure in the whole of the United Kingdom, to be set in a church, it is a place to dance your sins away for the night. If drum and bass and alternative nights out are more your style then ‘The Winchester’ situated in The Triangle is the place to be. Not only do they host music nights, but they have also had nights with artists battling it out head on with their own freestyle artwork.

Not to worry if even the thought of a nightclub fills you with dread, there are so many bars and pubs to nestle away in with your pals that I’ve lost count. Particular favourites of mine include ‘Buffalo Bar’ situated near the university in Winton which every Tuesday holds a live acoustic evening which is sure to have you tapping away and grinning all night. Aruba cocktail bar is also a popular choice with many, whether it be for a more special evening or just a sophisticated night out with your friends. Be sure to take your student card, their two for one cocktails are pretty good too.

Of course not to forget, if you’re from a place like me, where ‘Spoons’ was the biggest venue in your town, and you’re missing home just a little, then Bournemouth has three to choose from. Here, you can continue to enjoy your cheap favourite drinks or start off here before your big night out. Either way, they are always there to remind you of home.

Finally, Bournemouth luckily is home to two huge venues: the BIC and The O2 Academy which regularly hold huge event nights with comedians and artists. The BIC has recently seen acts such as Alt J and Dynamo the magician while the O2 has seen the likes of Annie Mac and increasingly popular ‘Treatment’ nights.

So there you have it, a small breakdown of Bournemouth’s nightlife which goes beyond the few places I’ve mentioned. No matter what your music taste or style, you are sure to find a venue to fit your desires and for me, no two nights have been the same when it comes to a night out in Bournemouth. It has certainly helped create the friendships I have today and has created a ridiculous amount of hilarious memories.

By Bethany Bristow

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2 Responses to “Bournemouth’s nightlife scene”

  1. Cerys Furnival


    Im joining BU in September but am wondering about the freshers events that take place? Is there events better than others or package deals for a bunch of events for one price?


    • sknox

      Hi Cerys

      Congratulations on your place at BU! We’re looking forward to welcoming you soon.

      Around mid-August you’ll be sent a welcome pack with information and an events guide to help you prepare for your first few weeks at BU. While you wait for it to arrive, take a look at our arrivals information and like our BU Students Facebook page.

      The official SUBU Event Packs are a great way to get identified and participate in the wide array of events happening over the first weeks at Bournemouth University. You’ll receive more info about this in your events guide.

      Best wishes



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