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BA (Hons) Marketing Communications

It’s been four years and I still haven’t sussed out uni-life, but we had a lot of fun trying to figure it all out. Looking back, there are definitely a few things I wish someone had told me from the start!

1. Try your best in first-year assignments to understand what kind of grades you can achieve but don’t spend all of your time on them! First year doesn’t go towards ANY of the total grade that you graduate with. Instead, enjoy meeting new people such as flatmates, people on your seminar and even your faculty staff.

2. Don’t let money get you down. Everyone has that one year (or more) that demands us to scrape the bottom of our bags for change to pay for whatever. Unless you really are in trouble with money (apply for the BU Hardship fund) don’t feel guilty about buying tickets to the o2 and having a fun night. Students are known for eating pasta for a reason! You have plenty of time when you’ve graduated to sit at home and save money.

3. Stick to a good sleeping pattern! It took me three years to realise that I wasn’t reaching my potential because I was sleeping all day and doing assignments all night. This is not fun! Try living like a reasonable person and don’t wait till placement’s 9-5 routine to kickstart a productive schedule. Once the time has passed, it’s gone… so do it right.

Four years at uni have gone so quick (too quick!) and if I could do it again, I’d defo take my advice and do it differently!

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