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Mitchell Davis (USA)

I am Mitchell David from United States doing my MBA  at Bournemouth University. I’ve always been a big traveller, experiencing new places, views, people and expanding my mind. As a student coming from the USA to study in England, I wanted to make the best out of the experience and travel around Europe as I would be so close.

Travelling was never so accessible!

I thought it would be quite expensive since in the USA, flying state to state can break the bank at times. After doing some research while I was here, I realised how cheap it actually was to travel. With that being said, it can get expensive at times and the journey to London airports can take a toll on you. Depending on what airline you use and how cheaper ticket that you want to purchase will dictate which airport you go to. If you take a bus or train to some airports, it can be a 5-hour journey so make sure you look into these things before booking.

Thirteen Countries over One Year!

While studying here at Bournemouth University, I surprisingly had sufficient time to travel around Europe and met many friends who wanted to join me. Since being here I have been to over thirteen different countries, with most flights not costing more than £100. Some of my trips were a few days others were a week and some were nearly two months. It’s amazing how easy it is to get around once you are in Europe. Whether it is a plane, train or bus, they are all typically fairly cheap and depending on your style you can book them last minute, although I do not suggest you do that. Wherever you want to travel, it is just a click of a button away, just another reason why living in England is so great.

Mitchell Davis, USA, MBA 2017/18.