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To drink or not to drink? This is the blog for you! Read on to find out how you can celebrate with us this International Beer Day on the 7th of August.





Intro into International Beer Day

Pubs in the Bournemouth and Poole Area 

Places to Buy Beer

Bournemouth University Event BeRebel AF


Your dreams have come true, its international beer day! International beer day on the 7th of August is celebrated across nations bringing everyone together who have a similar love for beer. Beer day is for gathering with friends to drink beer, to celebrate brewing and serving, and to observe all nation’s beers uniting everyone on one single day. If you would like to join in with the celebration, below is some information on various beers. Also, recommendations of pubs in Bournemouth and an introduction to BeRebel AF which is a Bournemouth University held event for non-alcoholic celebration!

‘He is a wise man who invented beer’ – Plato 

Pubs in the Bournemouth and Poole Area 

Aruba – click here

Known for its exciting array of drinks from various beers, and cocktails served with a view of the beach. Aruba is located at the centre of Bournemouth Beach on the pier and is also close to town. It is a perfect location to spend beer day!

Sixty Million Postcards – click here

American style bar with live bands and Dj’s, a very quirky styled place that is worth a visit! 

Chaplin’s & The Cellar Bar – click here 

Serves real ales and there is usually a live band performance, really cool decor with fairy lights in the pub garden. It is worth a bus journey to Boscombe for this perfect location for beer day!

Brewhouse and Kitchen – click here 

Small chain pub but holds a unique feel. The pub has a great selection of real ales and they brew one of their own at the site! It has a nice atmosphere, and a great food menu as well. 

Buffalo – click here

Buffalo bar always has great deals, as well as live music nights and specific nights for drinks! They have various locations including Bournemouth, Lansdowne and Winton.

Beers to Buy if You’re Staying at Home this Beer Day

If you are on a budget Lidl sells some great affordable funky beers, lager and ales as well as non-alcoholic/low alcohol beers. If you want to check some out before visiting the store here’s a link to some of their options.

Brewdog is also a popular brand for ales that you can buy from most stores and is one to try this beer day! Here is a link to their website.

Bournemouth University Event BeRebel AF

BeRebel AF’ pop-up is an event held by Bournemouth University in September during freshers for those who want to celebrate without the alcohol! Be Rebel AF takes you on a showcase of the best alternatives in the Student Union bar, local supermarkets and pubs. It’s a great way to start the term for those who choose not to drink. 

Thank you for reading! Let us know how you celebrated International beer day below, we would love to hear from you!

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