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BSc (Hons) Forensic Science

image3Moving away from home can be a very daunting experience, especially if it is your first time and you have no idea what kind of environment you’d want to live in. I have lived in Bournemouth for over a year now and so I can tell you few reasons why you will also love it here.

Bournemouth is a small town and has a very friendly atmosphere. As a student, you obviously want to be living close to other students. Bournemouth has three main areas where students tend to live; Lansdowne, Winton and Charminster. Lansdowne has most of our halls of residence and is quite close to the town center and the beach. Winton and Charminster are closer to the university but these areas are full of life with international cuisines, cafes and other services that provide a safe environment to meet new people and socialize.

In regards to night life, Bournemouth has a variety of options for you; bars, pubs and a handful of clubs that suit all tastes. However, if that does not interest you, you could always go for a movie night, a meal out with your friends or even go for a late night walk along the beach. There is plenty to choose from.

As I mentioned, there is a beach – a sandy beach! It’s refreshing to visit the beach from time to time. You can do loads of activities, for example you could play volleyball, go for a swim, have a barbecue, surf, watch the sunset or even just tan (if the sun is out) with your friends. We also have two piers and if you wanted you could even participate and compete in the annual Pier to Pier swim from Bournemouth Pier to Boscombe Pier.image2

Bournemouth’s town center has a wide range of shops offering clothes, shoes, electronics and many more. Plus, there are other great outdoor shopping centers close by, like Castlepoint and the Dolphin shopping centre in Poole. A lot of the services in Bournemouth are in a close proximity, only a bus ride away! Or even within walking distance. This is very handy for students because public transport means money and as a student you may not want to spend so much on travelling alone. However, if you do like to explore, there are plenty of award-winning gardens that you can visit. There are also art galleries and museums that you will love.

image1I can only give you a small insight into what it is like in Bournemouth and why you will love it here – the best way to really see the beauty of Bournemouth is to visit. So, make you sure you pay us a visit and I am positive you will love it here.

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