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Jessica-AlexanderYou’ve picked BU as one of your favourite universities and you’ve applied for your chosen course.

What next?

Waiting for your application response from UCAS can be daunting and very nerve racking and all that’s on your mind is whether or not your application was good enough to be accepted. However, remembering that hundreds or even thousands of other people are in the same position as you is slightly reassuring. Everyone is unique and each application will have something that stands out about that person, so just remember, something that you have written on your application will hopefully catch the eye of an application processer and have you swiftly accepted onto your chosen course.

Nevertheless, as I previously mentioned, waiting around for about 6-8 weeks can be daunting, but UCAS has provided a tracking system, by which you can track your application and the stages that it is at. Once you’ve received your welcome email, you will be given a Personal ID, which alongside your chosen password will allow you to access UCAS track. I remember back to the time when I was waiting for my application to be processed. Every day after college I was checking my emails and as soon as I could I was tracking my progress. To get me through I remained positive and hopeful and the determination to get into University made me work even harder at my A levels. The whole of university pushes you towards a new goal and looking back now, the application stage is only a small part of what is yet to come.

From here you can manage your choices and amend any details when/if needed. After a while, you can view your offers, whether that be in the form of an interview (a date you will be later given by a tutor), a conditional offer (which means you’ll be welcomed to the course upon receiving the required grades), or an unconditional offer (which means you’ve got the place!). You can use UCAS track to respond to your offers, however don’t worry too much if your friends’ offers come through before yours, as it all depends on what course you’ve applied to as to when you get your offers back. Once at this stage, you can respond by choosing to accept Bournemouth as your ‘firm’ or ‘insurance’ choice, or you can even decline your offer.

For any further information on UCAS track visit.

By Jessica Alexander

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