My Jai Hind College scholarships

Anirudh Bhardwaj, an MA Producing Film & Television student from India, tells us his scholarship story… Getting a Master’s Degree in Film was something I always joked about, never seriously considering leaving a budding production company of my own back home in Mumbai to struggle in a foreign country earning a degree that I didn’t… Read more »

The Commonwealth Shared Scholarship

Isaac Baffoe-Nyarko, an MSc Public Health student from Ghana tells us his scholarship story… I still remember my reaction when I opened my mail and read “Congratulations! I am delighted to confirm that you have been awarded The Commonwealth Shared Scholarship. It was Wednesday 30 April 2014 and a very important day in my life…. Read more »

Best apps for student life

As much as I actually do not like to admit it, I spend a lot of time on my phone. My first smartphone ever was a Blackberry about 3 to 4 years ago, but after that one died on me, I moved on to Android phones (I’m on my second one now because I pretty… Read more »

My surprise scholarship

I’m Daniel Asaya, 23 years old and I come from a lovely Christian family in the Western part of Africa, Nigeria. All along, success has always been my watch word and so I strive so hard to attain it. I scaled through four years of high quality learning in Information and Communication Technology from Crawford… Read more »

My scholarship story: investing in my future

Namaste and greetings to everyone! A positive, dedicated, outgoing and open-minded 24 year old, this is Manish all the way from the Land of Himalaya, Nepal. An avid movie buff, I am also an auto enthusiast, love travelling, exploring new places and learning about foreign culture and language. I feel fortunate to have been awarded… Read more »

My top study tips

I never liked studying. Or rather, I was never really good at it. It boils down to my inability to retain attention for too long at a time. But as I grew older, I figured out how to work around that.       Use Post-it Notes! Pictured above is my desk. It is usually… Read more »

Our growing campus

Bournemouth finally became a university in 1992 after being a College of Technology, an Institute of Higher Education and a Polytechnic. Its long and varied history means that the campus is constantly being upgraded and the buildings updated to ensure Bournemouth is a great place for future students and staff. Since I’m a member of… Read more »

Home away from home

Growing up, I have never lived anywhere else besides Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I grew up in the tropical heat, monsoon thunderstorms and knew very little about the standard four seasons. I’ve been outside Malaysia before, but never for more than a week or two. Just a month after my 27th birthday, I left home for… Read more »

It’s never too late

New blogger Lina Abdul Halim talks about international study, being at a cross-roads in life and how it’s never too late to start learning… It was September 2013. I found myself sitting in my room, wondering what I was going to do with my life. I have been a film and documentary editor for the… Read more »

It’s tough, but it’s worth it

Studying in the UK for sure is totally different from the comfort zone that you have back in your home country. Lying down on the sofa after class, chilling and waiting for nice homemade food from your mom, not any more. When you study aboard like in the UK It’s more challenging than you expect…. Read more »