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Suyan tells us about her life at BU…

Suyan-1My campus

My main campus is Talbot. It is the biggest campus of Bournemouth University and it is where you can live, study and relax. I like going to the student canteen, Students’ Union shop, Dylan’s bar and many other coffee shops around the campus. The prices there tend to be much cheaper than anywhere else in the town. I can spend a whole day just at Talbot campus.

My town

Bournemouth town centre is always vivid and busy with lots of interesting street shows and friendly people. It is not big, but it is clustered with loads of restaurants and shops and I can find a variety of world cuisine here.

The beach is one of the highlights – a two minute walk from Bournemouth town centre. It’s very beautiful and every year it attracts tourists from all over the world to come and spend their summer here.

My study space

I study at the main library of Talbot Campus most often. It is five stories high with mixed quiet, discussion and group study areas. I like going to the language centre on the first floor – it’s where I can learn many different languages.

There are many studying spaces that students can explore and utilise. I have recently discovered that the new Student’s Centre is an amazing place to study. Everything is modern with a nicely painted interior and beautiful decoration inside. Students all love the comfy couches there as well!

My social life

My social life is about meeting with my friends. In my free time, I like going out with them to have a drink and sometimes we cook together.

I was one of the members of the Chinese Students & Scholars Society and I made a lot of friends that way. I helped organise the society’s Halloween Party and Chinese New Year Party, which was very fun!

I also made friends from getting involved in volunteering activities. Last year I helped raise a record-breaking 1.5 tonnes of food for a charity and I was named Best Volunteer at the event!

My home

I live in Chesil House. It is located in Lansdowne and it is only a 6-minute walk away from the town centre. I have a standard en-suite room and I share a kitchen with five other girls in my flat. In my room, I have a very large desk, a single-sized bed, a decent-sized wardrobe, large chest of drawers and a modern bathroom. I can’t think of any negative things about my accommodation, because it is the safest and most comfortable place I have ever lived in and I loved making it my new home!

By Suyan Zou