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Corfe2Hi, I’m Meera, and I know a lot of you are keen to hear about accommodation at BU. So I thought I’d share my experience of living in Corfe House. Corfe is available for people starting in January too, so listen up if that’s you!

It is situated very close to Poole town Centre, Railway Station and Bus Station (just a 5-10 minute walk), with most of the main shopping brands situated in the Dolphin Shopping Centre (there’s a public library upstairs too), and the nearest grocery supermarkets are located right behind Corfe House (Aldi and Sainsbury’s). The M1 and M2 buses to Lansdowne Campus run very frequently (every 2-3 minutes), and the U2 bus to Talbot Campus runs on a scheduled timetable during term time. So accessibility to other towns and cities is not an issue at all.

The team at Corfe House are always very friendly and approachable whenever you go to speak to them regarding any concerns or queries, always willing to be flexible and accommodate your needs. During term time they regularly run raffle draws, competitions, and sometimes parties for students at Corfe, which makes staying at Corfe House even more exciting.

The rooms are standard ensuite (kitchen and lounge shared amongst 5-6 flatmates). The highlight is that the beds are larger than regular student halls! Each room has its own mood lamp too to customise according to your mood, if you are lucky enough, you could win one at the end of the term!


The biggest plus point I have noticed in comparison to other student halls I have lived in over the past three years is that there is a cleaning lady who arrives every two weeks to clean the common kitchen and lounge area (you still need to maintain it well though!). This definitely reduces the common-area maintenance for students a lot, and is a relief during assignment deadlines and exams in particular! Additionally, during extreme weather, the staff at reception sometimes kindly provide free tea/coffee or hot chocolate in addition to breakfast food.

Overall Corfe House is a great accommodation to stay at; the lounge, kitchen and bedrooms are of a high standard in my opinion when compared to other halls. And of course the calm and serene atmosphere at Poole town, with Corfe House being in close proximity to Poole Harbour and other tourist attractions nearer to Poole make it an excellent and peaceful choice to live in.

By Meera Vinod

You can find out more about living in Corfe House on our website.