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Suyan travelled half way around the world to study MSc International Hospitality and Tourism Management at BU and now she wants to share her top tips for parents. Whether you’re saying goodbye to a son or daughter who’s off to uni, or you’re a student that wants to reassure your family, you’ll want to read her words of wisdom.

Safety and environment

The first thing and the only thing that my parents cared about before I came to study at BU was whether I would be living safely in the accommodation building. I told them that the accommodation was university managed and had security 24/7. Also I told them I did not feel unsafe at all as I lived with people who were all Bournemouth University students.

What to bring and not bring

  • Do not pack your kids’ luggage as they should know what to bring.
  • Do not over-pack your kids’ luggage with extra stuff you want them to bring as they would end up throwing everything away at the airport.
  • Do not put too much cash in your kids’ pockets as it might be very unsafe to travel with a lot of money.

Contact with your kids after they leave

You should not panic if you can’t reach your kids after they have left. You should always know your kids’ travel schedule, such as what time they depart and what time they are supposed to arrive. Bear in mind the time difference between different regions and the delay times in the airport.  Give your kids’ a few days to settle in and they will contact you, while they are beginning to have fun here.

By Suyan Zou