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Now that Suyan has finished her year studying MSc International Hospitality and Tourism Management, she looks back at what it was like to travel half way around the world to join BU.

Suyan-Zou-150x150Travel and BU airport transfer

Two years ago, after a 13-hour flight, I managed to get to London Heathrow Airport. I got picked up from the airport by a BU airport transfer bus, which took me straight to my accommodation. On the bus, I made my first international friends – two third-year BU students, who were volunteering to be a part of BU’s Welcome Crew. They were very approachable and helped me out with everything I needed to settle in.

Tips for what to bring and what not to bring

I did not bring a lot of things with me to the UK because I knew I was going alone and taking too much luggage did not sound like a good idea. So I only brought the necessities that would help me get through the first few challenging weeks. In my suitcase I had some warm clothes and trainers as most travellers would have. I also brought a travel adapter, food and water cups – they were very important to me as I knew I would arrive late and I was very likely to end up with nothing to eat and drink.

I think girls should forget about bringing their dress, high heels and too many bottled facial treatment and cosmetics because you will probably end up never wearing and using them more than once.

How I feel about the transition

Adjusting to the time difference was a big problem for me. I felt sleepy all the time during the day and stayed awake in the night. However, I was introduced to English tea with milk by my English flatmate. I really liked the taste and it also helped me wake up in the morning.

ISOP and Welcome Ceremony

During my first week at BU, I attended the Welcome Ceremony at Talbot Campus, where I enjoyed a great dinner and an evening of fun. At the dinner, I met many interesting international students, who would eventually become my friends throughout my university life.


Tips to settle in

Share all your concerns about settling in with either the Welcome Crew, SUBU or askBU and they will do their best to help you out. Also, try to befriend your house-mates or flatmates as you will be living with them for a whole year. Take some time to get to know them either at some of the many events during Freshers’ Week or grab a drink at Dylan’s Bar.

By Suyan Zou