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1)      How do I update my application details?

If you’ve missed something out of your UCAS application or made a mistake, don’t panic! Just send us an email at with the details, remember to include your full name, the title of the course you have applied to study and your UCAS ID number. We’ll forward it on to the relevant course administrator (the person who will be reviewing your application) and they’ll contact you when they’ve made a decision.

We will be receiving A LOT of applications this month, so please bear with us while we look through them all.

2)      Can I get a scholarship?

BU is offering a range of scholarships to new students starting with us this September. We’re pleased to offer academic excellence scholarships to the most promising applicants with outstanding qualifications relevant to their course. No need to apply for this one, there is no limit to the number of these scholarships that we can award – if you achieve the grades you will qualify J!

The 3 BU Vice-Chancellors Scholarships, worth a whopping £9000 each will be awarded to the most promising UK applicant who has met or exceeded the entry requirements for their course through studying an Access to Higher Education qualification, BTEC qualification and the most promising female applicant applying for a full-time undergraduate STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) course offered at BU.

Scholarships are also available for talented athletes representing their sport at a national or international level or musicians with Grade 8 or above in their main instrument. Make sure you’re application stands out from the crowd! Visit our webpage to download an application form now.

3)      Am I too late to apply for Sept 2014 start?

Please don’t worry, you still have time but will need to apply on-line by UCAS by 18:00 hours 15 January 2014. To assist you with the application process, we have provided some details within our website for helpful information.

You will need to ensure your reference is included.  If you are applying as an independent applicant we recommend you ask your referee to complete well in advance, to avoid delays.

4)      I am coming back in to study after a break – do I have the right background/what do I need?

Coming back into study after a break can be daunting and you may have stopped study after school so didn’t progress to A Levels or equivalent qualifications so aren’t too sure where to start. Please don’t worry though, our askBU team are more than happy to give you all the advice you need to help you towards your ideal degree and there are lots of options out there if you need a little study first before applying to university. To help us work out the best options for you just let us know any related work experience you have to the degree you’d like to study and give us details of your academic background, it’s particularly important to give us an idea of when your completed qualifications, once we have this information we can start to get you on the track you want!

5)      When can we visit the Uni?

We know how important it is, when you’re deciding which University to attend, to take a look around the campus, learn about your future course and find out more about the surrounding area.  We encourage you to visit us, and offer a range of events to help you get to know more about BU.

If you are applying for September 2014 we have a Campus Visit available on Friday 24th January.  Campus visits offer you the opportunity to find out more about being a student at BU. You’ll be able to:

  • Attend a presentation on fees and funding, accommodation and student life at BU (with an opportunity to ask questions to our experienced team)
  • Join one of our current students for a tour of our campus where you’ll see our facilities and find out more about being a student at BU.

Click here to register to attend

When you’ve applied to BU through UCAS – we’ll let you know if there are any additional events that are specific to the course that you’ve applied to. These events fall into two main categories:

  • Interview sessions – Some courses may ask you to attend an interview session. These sessions are designed to ensure that you have the right background and skills-base for the course, as well as give you the opportunity to find out more about us
  • Applicant Open Days – These days are designed for anyone who has been made an offer by BU, and would like the opportunity to visit us and learn more about their specific course. They are an optional extra to help you make your decision and therefore you are not required to attend.

If you are unable to visit us at these events, you can always take one of our self-guided campus tours (available for Talbot and Lansdowne campus). We have an open-campus policy during working hours at our campuses and there are self-guided tours you can take at your convenience. Follow this link to download a copy of our  self-guided tour. This is where the majority of our courses are delivered.

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