How BU helped me get where I am now

So where am I now? Well, I am a freelance videographer working for a few different media companies as well as doing my own projects, including short films and wedding videos. It’s been tough starting out as self-employed, but it’s a great experience and I love being my own boss. And the BU bit? It’s… Read more »

My greatest achievement this year

Our student bloggers have achieved some incredible things, so we asked them to each pick their greatest achievement this year… Lowri My greatest achievement this year has to be qualifying as a PADI Rescue Diver which means I am a higher level of scuba diver and can handle most distress situations in the water. It took a… Read more »

Reading lists: how much should I read?

Whether you’re studying for a BA, an MA, a PHD, or any qualification really, you’ll want to swot up on your knowledge before the course begins. About four months before my MA began I was emailed a long list of books that were on the recommended reading list. On first impression I was slightly anxious… Read more »

Being a Student Ambassador

There’s more to being a Student Ambassador than wearing a pink hoodie! I didn’t set out at the start of my MA year to become a Student Ambassador – in fact, I’d seen the pink hoodies around campus, but I was never quite sure what a Student Ambassador actually did. As someone who has always… Read more »

Re-adapting to a student budget

Unless you’re Jessie J, the sad truth is that it is all too often about the money. Getting the most out of your university studies takes hard work and dedication, of course, but you won’t last beyond a month at university if you can’t budget and make your money go further. I had been earning… Read more »

Top tips from a BU student

We recently held a live web chat on our Postgraduate Facebook page. MA Post Production Editing student and blogger Alice White gave out so much useful advice, that we thought we’d immortalise it in blog form. So, the first thing I’ve learned about PG study is that age and experience are irrelevant. I was worried about… Read more »

My week as a media student

On a dark evening in March, my fellow MA film students and I began filming for a 5-minute short film. As an editor I often don’t get to participate on set, or get to travel to exciting and exotic places. Editors are normally the vampires of the film world – hermits tucked away in a… Read more »

Reasons to choose BU

Employment rates As much as going to uni is fun, the real reason us students spend our time and money studying is so that we can get on the career ladder. When I was nearing graduation from my undergrad degree at BU the worldwide financial crisis had already reared its ugly head, but my BA… Read more »