Following the Moon: Islamic New Year!

Solar Calendar – Let’s Observe the Moon! Have you ever come across the various types of calendars? The solar calendar, which is currently used in western countries, is not the only calendar system. The lunar calendar follows the monthly phases of the moon and has been used by many Asian countries in the past, including… Read more »

Swimming at Kimmeridge Bay

The new episode on my “international friends” series

  One of the most significant reasons for me to choose the UK for my master’s degree year was higher multiculturality compared to other European countries. According to my experience as an international student in the UK, I can say that the UK education system tries to improve its cultural diversity vision in many areas…. Read more »

SUBU study

My favourite study places in Bournemouth: less-known best spots for studying

Studying process can be overwhelming when you have so many things to do. Personally, I sometimes prefer to study in different places if I get bored with the same area. Here is a list of some of my favourite study areas if you want to discover new spots: 1. Waterstones café: Yes, everyone knows Waterstones… Read more »

Spending Ramadan in Bournemouth: Breaking fast with friends and Eid!

I must confess that I was a little bit worried before Ramadan started this year. Although it was not going to my first Ramadan away from home, I am used to spend Ramadan in Turkey. Therefore, at the beginning of the Ramadan I went to Turkey for two weeks. It was a such a wonderful… Read more »

a reading space for kids

How I got a part-time job in a nursery setting: the tips and clues

If you are an international student, financing your tuition fees or living expenses can be demanding. However, the good news is while you are studying in the UK, your visa allows you to undertake part-time work. This means that, generally, you have the right to work up to 20 hours a week. Starting a part-time… Read more »

Eating together during the sessions

My volunteering experience in Dorset: “In Our Kitchen” project

My experience volunteering Volunteering is something we usually associate with helping others. In fact, volunteering has many positive effects on the volunteer as well. The awareness of contributing to the society that you live in allows you to build emotional ties to your community. Especially when you are young, you do not have many chances… Read more »

Political Psychology, is this concept even possible?

Political Psychology is a combination of two words that look quietly indifferent. I see a confused face every time I meet with someone when I talk about my course, as I also can imagine your face right now! Although many people are not very familiar with this brand-new social science discipline, Political Psychology is getting… Read more »

My international student journey from “I don’t want to go out because the weather is too cold” to “I can live here forever!”

My international student journey from “I don’t want to go out because the weather is too cold” to “I can live here forever!”   I remember the first week I moved to Bournemouth from Istanbul/Turkey. Istanbul is a city where you can see the sun almost every day, even in winter! That is why at… Read more »