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If you are an international student, financing your tuition fees or living expenses can be demanding. However, the good news is while you are studying in the UK, your visa allows you to undertake part-time work. This means that, generally, you have the right to work up to 20 hours a week.

Starting a part-time job is a beautiful idea if you think it is time for you to have more economic freedom. Part-time work while studying is also beneficial to gain work experience before starting your career. Depending on your job, you can acquire various skills like communication, teamwork, and practical skills. Working can help you practice English more and learn about UK culture if you are an international student. Moreover, having a part-time job allows you to have a more comprehensive network of friends and socialise.

When I decided to work at the beginning of my course, the websites Indeed and Totaljobs helped me a lot. These websites are designed to make the job processes easier by sending notifications about some job offers according to your job interests. Because I wanted to work in a nursery sett

Children's books

An example of a book shelf in a nursery setting

ing, I applied for many job offers. You can also upload your CV and motivation letter to the websites, so you do not have to repeat this step for every application. In the beginning, I can say I was not very confident, and my first interview was not very successful.

However, I took notes about the questions of this interview to think about the answers for the next job application. I also searched on the internet about the common questions for a job interview in a nursery setting. I wrote down my answers straightforwardly and tried to memorise the core points to be more prepared for the next one. Usually, these questions are designed to understand whether you are a reliable person or not and about your previous experience related to the position. If you do not have a vast experience, do not worry. Not having a wide experience is very common when you are a student. However, you can still present your limited previous experience in relation to the job position.

For example, let’s say you did not work with children in a nursery setting before. However, you helped a younger cousin of yours with math. You can mention this experience in your CV or in an interview as working with children experience or teaching experience, according to your job role.

a reading space for kids

Children need private sections in book shops and nursery settings

Building links with your background and the job role is quite important, and it helped me get my current position in a nursery. So, do not forget to highlight your more vital qualities and successful background while building links with the role you are applying for. Good luck!

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