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Hiking trip to Old Harry Rocks

Hiking trip to Old Harry Rocks with friends

One of the most significant reasons for me to choose the UK for my master’s degree year was higher multiculturality compared to other European countries. According to my experience as an international student in the UK, I can say that the UK education system tries to improve its cultural diversity vision in many areas. Although Bournemouth is not diverse as London, it has still a high proportion of international students.

Since the universities in the UK appeal to students from all over the world, you can find a very multicultural ambiance on the campuses. As I already mentioned in my previous blog on being an international student in the UK, there are also some events where you can feel the global atmosphere like the regular Global café meetings. I met with my best friends here thanks to this event. I feel that my diverse friend group is a very valuable and educatory aspect of my life

Having a very international friend group:

I sometimes realize how much I learned interesting things about different countries and cultures that I cannot find in books or on the Internet or elsewhere. And I feel like it opens my mind and makes me think like in a way that I had never before. This is truly a priceless life experience for me. Plus, as a more practical life experience, we try different cuisines together! My French friend Margot made us the best crepe I have ever had. My Spanish friend arranges a tapas lunch in a Spanish restaurant and also we tried various Korean, Chinese, and Thai restaurants together.

Swimming at Kimmeridge Bay

Swimming at Kimmeridge Bay as a part of our camping trip

Travelling in the Dorset area:

Travelling has always been exciting and has had a refreshing effect on me. However, I am becoming aware that how I am connected to nature and this is my passion recently. I always knew I like going on nature trips but I had not enough chance to going trips like that because I was living in a metropole. So, it would take so much time for me to go to a nature sports event.

Since I moved to Bournemouth, I became almost addicted to going on hiking and trekking trips for one day on weekends. This is my off-day or releasing my stress with my friends and starting the new week with a refreshed mind. I really don’t know how to explain my content to being so close to nature in Bournemouth. Dorset is an extremely beautiful area for nature trips. I have only had a chance to visit some of the famous places: Old Harry Rocks -I fall in love with gorgeous cliffs-, Durdle Door -I can’t forget the peaceful views of the coves-, and Kimmeridge Bay – We saw a thousands-year-old fossil and swim in the bay! –  so far. We also went camping in a camping area near Bournemouth with some of my friends. In addition to nature trips, we also had a chance to visit some cities near Bournemouth like Southampton, Winchester, and Bath. We can take both bus and train with a student discount card easily and have the fun of traveling. I will always Winchester with its historical bookshops and Bath with its amazing waterfall. And, of course, I will remember all these locations with the memories of my lovely friends.

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