Swimming at Kimmeridge Bay

The new episode on my “international friends” series

  One of the most significant reasons for me to choose the UK for my master’s degree year was higher multiculturality compared to other European countries. According to my experience as an international student in the UK, I can say that the UK education system tries to improve its cultural diversity vision in many areas…. Read more » about The new episode on my “international friends” series

Essential things to pack from home by a Malaysian student

Hello! For today’s post, I will share with you fellow Malaysian and International students essential things that you can bring from home. I know packing is always the main issues whenever we’re about to go somewhere, so hopefully, these tips will be helpful!   Clothes Weather is the major trait in the UK. Before I… Read more » about Essential things to pack from home by a Malaysian student

How To Plan A Staycation

Summer is around the corner! For us in Bournemouth that means lots of things. Lounging on the beach. Enjoying the long bright days. Having barbeques. Going for a swim in the sea. And, of course, go on that holiday you have been daydreaming about all year long. The downside to this summer season, however, is… Read more » about How To Plan A Staycation

Travel The World Virtually

Stuck in lockdown with wanderlust? You are not the only one! It’s been three weeks since the UK entered a period of lockdown, which has had a huge impact on all of our lives, especially to all those who had plans over the holidays. However, thanks to the internet, there is a possibility to travel… Read more » about Travel The World Virtually