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Studying process can be overwhelming when you have so many things to do. Personally, I sometimes prefer to study in different places if I get bored with the same area. Here is a list of some of my favourite study areas if you want to discover new spots:

1. Waterstones café: Yes, everyone knows Waterstones as a successful book chain. But did you know that Waterstones in Bournemouth Square has also a very nice café where you can study? It is a quite area if you want to focus on your assignment writing or simply reading a book that you are interested.

2. Weymouth House top floor at Talbot Campus: This is a place that I was not aware of for a long time. So, I did not want you to experience the same. Upper floor of Weymouth House is usually peaceful and has a nice atmosphere. Its green and orange design certainly helps! There is only one issue: try not to be too loud because there are some offices of university scholars nearby.

3. Faith and Reflection Centre: It has always been a nice area for relaxation during a busy day. However, after its re-design it is maybe the best are in Talbot Campus. In addition to its relaxing vibe and comfortable sofas, it has a kitchen where you can make a coffee or tea or using the microwave for your lunch.

Faith and Refletion centre

Faith and Refletion centre

4. SUBU study spaces as I call “shacks”: SUBU is absolutely a large and amazing area for studying. The two study “shacks” in the 3rd floor looks like tiny houses and they are so cute! You can feel like you are at home when you are at the campus.

5. Postgraduate Zone at Talbot Campus: When the library is too crowded to focus, postgraduate zone always helped me. It is divided into two areas: collective study where you can discuss your ideas with your friends and silent study are where you can focus deeply. If you are a postgraduate student, do not lose the chance to enjoy studying in area which is reserved for you.

SUBU study

3rd floor study spaces

Good luck with your studies, and let me know which one is your favourite!

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