Creating a VR Experience during Lockdown – My proudest achievement this year

Whenever I have faced a complicated life choice, I have time and time again found myself going back to the quote, “Good things happen to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.” – Abraham Lincoln. I was in a similar dilemma when the COVID-19 lockdown started and the biggest challenge… Read more »

Portfolio Tips – MA 3D Computer Animation, Digital Effects Application

With an increase in the demand for Computer Animation roles, both MA 3D Computer Animation as well as MA Digital Effects have seen a boost in the number of applicants throughout the years. Both courses are designed for students who wish to excel in a variety of 3D fields. There are a few things to… Read more »

UK Essentials

UK essentials for an Indian student

In the past year, I have learned and grown significantly in the UK. Every day to day activity has made an impression on me and how I always compare what I was used to back in India versus how things are different here in the UK. The following are some of the main lessons I… Read more »

My Friendship Story!

Coming to Bournemouth University from a small town of Shimla, which lies in the foothills of the India-Himalayan Region, is one of the biggest steps I have taken in my life. This journey didn’t happen all at once. I had a series of small steps and friends all across the way that helped make it… Read more »

Animation Group Project: My Favourite Unit

To help explain my animation group project, I would like to share insight on how NCCA (National Center for Computer Animation) in BU works. To start with NCCA has three masters-level pathways: Animation, Digital Effects, and MSc. (I have talked about them in one of my previous blogs. Find it here). So in order to… Read more »

Ten pieces of advice as a fellow Indian Student

Ten pieces of advice I would like to give as a fellow Indian Student in Media and Communication Courses (more or less also applicable to other courses and pathways):    Research your journey. Before even leaving your home take a good look at your journey plan and try to find some interesting avenues. If a… Read more »

My Masters Application from India

It was the summer of 2019 when I finally decided that I wanted to continue studying animation. After extensive research, I had finally decided that Bournemouth University was the best option for me and the next biggest step was my application. I first approached BU by emailing AskBU, questioning them about the animation course. They… Read more »

First Term at BU and it’s contrast to Indian Education System

Having recently completed my first term as a Postgraduate Student at Bournemouth University, the difference between a Master’s course here and that in India is quite vast. While doing my undergraduate, I understood the fact that the Indian Educational System mostly favours the technically oriented students. This model is good in the fields of study… Read more »

First-ever “Student Masterclass” hosted by NCCA Animation Society

Animation Society plays an important part in the lives of all animation students at Bournemouth University. It acts as a link between social events for networking as well as learning the ways of the industry, while keeping the students updated on the latest technologies and practices. While walking on the same ideals, Animation Society organised… Read more »

Postgraduate Animation Courses in a Nutshell

    Selecting your postgraduate course in Animation is not an easy task – there are many amazing courses to choose from. Having gone through the same experience recently, I know how it feels to be confused when you’re looking at similar options and having a hard time deciding which one to go for. I… Read more »