First Term at BU and it’s contrast to Indian Education System

Having recently completed my first term as a Postgraduate Student at Bournemouth University, the difference between a Master’s course here and that in India is quite vast. While doing my undergraduate, I understood the fact that the Indian Educational System mostly favours the technically oriented students. This model is good in the fields of study… Read more »

Grading and assessment methods in the UK vs America

Erin Snell is from the United States and is studying BA (Hons) Media and Communications. She understands the shock most international students feel when receiving their first assignment grade. In this video she explains why you shouldn’t cry over a 65% grade, and instead, should celebrate! Erin Snell, USA, BA (Hons) Media and Communications, 2017/18

Can grades really measure knowledge?

Giorgios Kapsanakis is from Greece and is studying MA Directing Film and Television. As most international students, he struggled to understand and accept the grading system in the UK. In this vlog he explains why he decided to stop worrying about grades and start focusing on learning and collaborating with people from all over the… Read more »

What do the UK grades actually mean?

Below postgraduate student Martina describes the differences between grades in the UK and what they actually mean.  Something many of our international students find a challenge in the first term. For more information about what courses we offer at Bournemouth University UK, please see our website or follow our instagram to hear more from our… Read more »