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In the past year, I have learned and grown significantly in the UK. Every day to day activity has made an impression on me and how I always compare what I was used to back in India versus how things are different here in the UK. The following are some of the main lessons I learned from the experience and rewards I gained by being prepared.

UK Essentials
  1. Double-check all the main documents and have photocopies of each along with digital copies on the cloud.
    I can’t stress this point enough. Your original high-school result card, college results, university results, your identity cards, visa details, bank details, etc should be with you when you come. Any other precious proof or certificate, bring it as well. Make copies of them and keep them scanned for safekeeping as well. You will never know when something can come in handy.
  2. Passport size photographs (Official Size)
    It would be good to have some passport size pictures of you (with white backdrop) with you when you come here as it is cheaper to get a lot of these in India. Also, you can never be certain when you might need them during any application process, forms, etc.
  3. Pressure cooker
    Simple answer, YES! You will need it and will regret not bringing it if you didn’t. It comes in handy for so many dishes. Plus it can act as a separate boiling pan without a lid. So it is definitely good to have.
  4. Spices
    If you come from a region with very specific taste then you will definitely want to bring in your own spices. Be it Garam Masala or Tulsi Patta, you would like to have that hint of home cooking when making your meals here.
  5. One good jacket and some winter clothes
    It may occur that the beach is all sun and fun but it gets really cold here. Especially in mid-autumn until spring, so make sure you are ready for that. Some good winter clothes will last a good while so definitely look for them.
  6. Maggi/Instant noodles
    Lifesafer during night study sessions. Maggi has been one of my biggest helpers whenever I have felt lazy or stressed. For me getting multiple Atta Maggi (pack of 4) was a good decision. Not only it gave the taste of Indian meal but also had a bunch of nostalgia mixed in. Sharing with friends was a great conversation topic as well.
  7. Swimming/Beach Wear
    So if you are not from coastal areas of India, you will need to refresh yourself how and what to bring to the beach, what to wear, and the essentials. This way you are always ready whenever your friends plan a beach day.
  8. Nuts & Resins
    Safe to say the nuts and resins are a bit expensive here then in India and if you can bring a bunch with you to last a good while then you will stay healthy, wealthy, and wise. (except peanuts, salted peanuts are amazing here, also with a wasabi twist available if you look closely).
  9. Vacuum Bags/Packing Cubes
    Packing using vacuum bags and packing cubes is so much easier than I realized before. Yes, you will not regret the decision to try these and use them where ever you can. I used one large for my jackets and one for my sleeping back. Won’t regret this investment.
  10. Stationary for Work
    Yes, you heard that right. We have a good bargain on stationeries in India so if possible bring your own from home and you might just save a few bucks while writing those beautiful notes.

That’s all from me and hope you will all have a wonderful time.