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MA 3D Computer Animation

To help explain my animation group project, I would like to share insight on how NCCA (National Center for Computer Animation) in BU works.
To start with NCCA has three masters-level pathways: Animation, Digital Effects, and MSc. (I have talked about them in one of my previous blogs. Find it here).

So in order to help facilitate teamwork and collaboration, NCCA dedicates a unit i.e. Group Project to help students come together and learn from each other. Students pitch in their individual ideas to the entire cohort (about a hundred students) and then form groups of 5-6 students and work on one idea or combine a few. Here students are the leaders and the workforce. Since the entire experience is the same as industry-standard with reviews, workflows, and practices, I was in awe the moment I came to know about it.

In Picture: Michaela Kindlova’s Pitch Presentation

Without a delay, I started working on the pitch, which I present to the whole cohort talking about my idea of a 3D animated short film that has a message of love and growth. I developed the idea by using sketches and reference videos. The presentation went well and once everyone had presented, the whole cohort decided to meet at Dylan’s to discuss who will team up with whom. My idea rang a resemblance with a few of my classmates and we decided to pack together. They were Michaela Kindlova, Marketa Kindlova, and Doyeong Kim. We all were later joined by Yuyan Jiang and Punyawee Kamchonvongpaisal after a few days. The team “Vibe” was finally complete.

We had the best blend of art and technical skills which helped us achieve our target with relative ease. We had a regular meeting in the library and made the best use of common working spaces. We also used SUBU Huts for collaboration and showcasing our daily works to each other. Some “smaller” meetings also took place in the atrium of the new Poole Gateway Building. Speaking of PGB, we used the new computer labs to the fullest, often spending overnights there by the end of the assignment to render the final batch of images and play MarioKart while computers did the work. On the last working night, we streamed “Spies in Disguise” to celebrate our assignment completion.

Working and having fun while computers render our animation

For me, this assignment was less of an assignment me and more like a friendly event where every day for seven weeks, I came to the lab, met my friends, had fun, and did all this while we working together on the things we loved the most. Recalling back on my favorite unit and also absolutely the best time I had in my BU life, made me realize that sometimes we don’t realize that we are making memories because we are so busy enjoying them.



Our final output is available on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixJvzEWZYCA