Leading a team and changing lives

As a first-year Business Studies student and now a second-year International Business student, I have encountered numerous hurdles, some personal and some teamwork conflicts. My course had us experience a simulation of running a business meeting and marketing for a non-profit company and, to my surprise, both times I was the leader of the project…. Read more »

History hidden everywhere

Within this year I have been lucky enough to be able to explore various cities within the UK and the surrounding areas. Also, after making friends with a Tourism student, I was able to aid her in her research of the UK. I even joined her to explore Bournemouth’s local history, much of which can… Read more »

Finding international food in Bournemouth

As a first-year Brazilian American living in Bournemouth, I am constantly searching for supermarkets that have Brazilian ingredients that no other cuisines have, or similar to those found in Asian Markets. Personally, I never ate many “American foods” in my household, but I find that British and American cuisines are synonymous in many ways. The… Read more »

Making the Most of Supportive Opportunities

Hi! I’m Tiffany, a BA (Hons) Business Studies student from America. As an undergraduate student, taking advantage of all the academic support provided is a must to ensure our success throughout our course. The lecturers and course leaders often remind their students that workshops and facilities are provided at a certain time especially nearing the… Read more »

Working as an undergraduate student ambassador

After being accepted as an international student ambassador, I had to attend one session of training to ensure I understood their expectations. I also had the opportunity to gain experience in many positions such as a campus tour guide, vlogging, blogging and talking to potential students on the phone. This position is extremely flexible as… Read more »

Living in Lyme Regis House

Living in Lyme Regis House resembles a close community where your peers are your neighbours. The tenants from the flat parallel to mine are good friends we share ingredients, clothes, food, and support each other. The immense support from staff and security down in reception is also exceptional whenever concerns arise such as maintenance problems,… Read more »

A Day in the Life of Tiffany Dutra

Morning It initially starts with me waking up two hours before a scheduled morning lecture. Within those two hours, I have sufficient time to cook and prepare my breakfast.  I like to have a balanced breakfast because I stay at University for over 5 hours and I don’t like to waste money on meals unless… Read more »

Comparing and Contrasting: American and British study skills

I completed two years of higher education previously in the US in a community college before I came to BU and there are numerous differences between the two education systems. At home studying was focused on online and based around memorising information. Online access had to be paid for and quizzes and e-textbooks were closely… Read more »

Funding options in the United States

The United States boasts that it is the educational hub for local and international students alike with various commercialised funding options coming in to your mailbox regularly as well as information about federal loans and grant opportunities. However, based on your income, federal loans and grants after applying on FAFSA do not cover all the… Read more »