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BA (Hons) Business Studies

Living in Lyme Regis House resembles a close community where your peers are your neighbours. The tenants from the flat parallel to mine are good friends we share ingredients, clothes, food, and support each other. The immense support from staff and security down in reception is also exceptional whenever concerns arise such as maintenance problems, questions about bus routes, financing conflicts etc. It is also in a very convenient location above Tesco Express and Starbucks.

Everyone in Lyme Regis House can honestly say that there are a few downturns to living in this building including random fire alarms going off for 3 minutes at 03:00 with no explanation. Constant maintenance and checks for water temperatures, showers, and lights but it’s all for our own safety. Inspections are also emailed a week before to ensure that you are aware of the date and time that they will be carried out. Even though it is not perfect it has been a positive first year living away from home.

My personal space

My bedrooms is like a second home, once you move in you can personalise your room with photos, lights and your bedding. A bin, single bed, an office chair and a desk are provided along with decent lighting. In addition it’s an ensuite so you don’t have to share a bathroom.  Lyme Regis ensures you maintain certain standards in your bedroom with regular inspections and they will ask you to keep it clean.

A shared kitchen

When I first moved in I entered the kitchen and my first impression was, wow they have really given us all the amenities we need such as a toaster, a kettle, sofa, a fridge, and chairs. It’s a narrow kitchen with limited space so you will have to learn how to utilise it. Fridge and freezer space is something to discuss with your flatmates.  You might need to find ways to identify what is yours, what you will be willing to share, and the boundaries of sharing. The flat didn’t come with a mop and cleaning supplies so we had to provide those ourselves. Luckily recycling and rubbish bins are provided. It’s important

to mention that keeping up with putting the rubbish out is important.

My conclusion

This is my first experience renting and it has been a great start and has taught me how to keep up standards of cleanliness and given me a taste of paying rent. It’s all conveniently a 2 min walk away from the bus-stop that takes you to uni, above a Tesco and beside an ASDA so you can easily do your grocery shop.  There are also restaurants and takeaways nearby and it’s not too far from the town centre, and beach.

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