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BA (Hons) Business Studies

Hi! I’m Tiffany, a BA (Hons) Business Studies student from America. As an undergraduate student, taking advantage of all the academic support provided is a must to ensure our success throughout our course. The lecturers and course leaders often remind their students that workshops and facilities are provided at a certain time especially nearing the exam weeks. So in reality, it’s up to the students to take advantage of those offers.

A Little Help from my PALs

In the first week of our first year, we were introduced to a PAL leader (Peer Assisted Learner.) They are students who are also currently seeking a degree at Level 5, and are paid to provide first year students with advice, academic support, and to serve as a relatable friend. We usually meet with our PAL leader every 2 weeks between classes, as if it’s a regular ungraded seminar.

E-books and Everything Else

The BU library is accessible from both campuses, and you can access the books and academic support either online or in person. Personally, I have found e-books to be the most helpful to ensure that I get the proper information, even if all the physical books are checked out. Nearing exam time, e-resources and revision workshops are heavily encouraged by all of our lecturers and they are accessible in the comfort of your own home. One of the first BU sites we learned to use, MyBU, offers extra learning support in the “Study Skills” tab.

Crash Course

IT is one of the often overlooked support services. IT Services can be visited at the Help Zone located in the Sir Michael Cobham Library on Talbot Campus. If you’re closer to the Lansdowne Campus, you can find them located in the Studland House Open Access Centre. In addition, you can access support through the IT Services website, as well as the telephone Service Desk.

Work-Life Balance

For the first few weeks after arriving at BU, recent graduates could be found all over Bournemouth. They were on campus, in front of pubs students frequent, and in front of student accommodations welcoming us freshmen. This ensured that we could ask any questions about academics and living independently in general. Early on, we were advised to manage our time carefully between social and academic pursuits. They can be accessed by faculty and their contacts are posted on the main BU website.

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