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BA (Hons) Business Studies


It initially starts with me waking up two hours before a scheduled morning lecture. Within those two hours, I have sufficient time to cook and prepare my breakfast.  I like to have a balanced breakfast because I stay at University for over 5 hours and I don’t like to waste money on meals unless I am severely peckish. Packing my bag with all the essentials such as 10 different colored pens, notebook pads and extra layers of clothes for those freezing lecture halls. 30 minutes before the lecture starts, I catch the bus to ensure I have at least 10-15 minutes before the official start to socialise and meet up with my peers.


Now let’s say I have a typical 2-hour gap between lectures during lunchtime, I catch the bus home to eat lunch, a prepared meal, and switch lecture essentials that I might need, then catch the bus once again. After that lecture, I follow my peers to either SUBU or the library to properly review the lessons if I didn’t quite comprehend the material or need to catch up.

After lectures

After it hits 5 or 6’ o clock I head home for dinner and meet with my flatmates for our typical “bonding time” at the pub for a few drinks over a game, a walk to the beach, town centre, or sometimes a night out. As the months go by spontaneity is what keeps you from getting into those boring routines.


As a University student, sleep is brief either because of a night out or because your lectures start as early as 9 ‘o clock. Sometimes you might only get 4 hours of sleep and your typical busy Uni life starts over again and you need to ensure you have good attendance so it is important to be there on time.


Life at University is what you choose to make of it, you can use the free time you have to balance it with hobbies you enjoy. If you have a few hours gap between lectures or seminars then visit the Uni facilities on campus to use their computers or study space. If you are hungry go home and cook to save money or take advantage of the meal deals that are around. If you have had a long day and want to relax then stay home and have a cosy night in or a stroll to town or the beach.