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BA (Hons) Business Studies

I completed two years of higher education previously in the US in a community college before I came to BU and there are numerous differences between the two education systems. At home studying was focused on online and based around memorising information. Online access had to be paid for and quizzes and e-textbooks were closely linked in the same program software so it was very closely guided and easier to memorise without actually learning the material and the details. Higher Education in the UK involves more lecturers conducted in person and it’s optional whether you use any online slides provided by the lecturer. Lecturers frequently state that they want BU students to conduct their own study and research, not just hand the student the information.

More support in the UK

Information and learning support is more accessible in the UK compared to the US and the facilities in the UK compared to my College in the US. Bournemouth is a student town and facilities are even provided in the local library. In addition, constant reminders are sent to students about exam dates and any other information they might need relating to their studies. In Brightspace, my lecturers provide quizzes related to the lectures and exam revision when needed. You are then able to attend PAL (Peer Assisted Learning) if you need any further questions answered.

Real life scenarios

In the UK, as soon as the academic year commenced everyone knew that our assessment would involve a project based around a real life job simulation.  This is to help students to understand the different concepts of marketing. The module includes an exam too and both are graded as one subject, this simulation helps the student in the long run as it is more closely related to the industry you will be working in.  Whereas in the US, assessments are all based around study and text book related exams.


My experience at BU has been life-changing and I feel it is preparing me for the job market when we graduate. There is a great deal of tutoring support provided to ensure success. Plus there is a mixture of expectations to both conduct your own research and study on your own but the extra help is there when you need it.  This is daunting at first but I now realise I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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