How to have the perfect Eurovision party this year!

With Eurovision being one of the most exciting yet wacky televised contest, it’s no wonder we hold parties to celebrate it! Before I started university, I didn’t celebrate Eurovision, mostly as I saw it as just a more extravagant X-Factor. However, this all changed when I had my first Eurovision party and now Eurovision is… Read more »

An interview with Resh Somauroo about BA(Hons) Scriptwriting for Film and TV

Resh Somauroo is the Scriptwriting for Film and TV 3rd year Programme leader. He has worked at Bournemouth University for over 7 years and continues to drive people to pursue their passion of scriptwriting. We got together to discuss his life at BU and the course itself. What is your academic/professional background? I started out… Read more »

My internship story

Being a Scriptwriting for Film and Television student, finding a placement in the media industry was honestly extremely difficult (mainly because it is such a competitive industry). However, while finding a placement within this sector is hard it is not completely impossible.  As long as you are dedicated, build up your CV, search everywhere you… Read more »

Why I chose BU

Back in the day, when the words “college” and “A-levels” made me want to crawl into a hole and never be seen again, my goal was to find a better place and somewhere I could feel happy. But looking for the perfect university was difficult. For me it had to tick five boxes: Enjoyable course… Read more »