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BA (Hons) Scriptwriting for Film and Television

Being a Scriptwriting for Film and Television student, finding a placement in the media industry was honestly extremely difficult (mainly because it is such a competitive industry). However, while finding a placement within this sector is hard it is not completely impossible.  As long as you are dedicated, build up your CV, search everywhere you can and make sure to get in touch with your industry contacts then you will have a good set up to getting a really good placement!

I was lucky enough to gain a 2-week internship at Lucky Giant, a comedy TV/Radio Production Company in Central London.  As I normally live in Manchester, working in London was such an experience, as even when you were working you weren’t too far from the nearest tour site! It was also great as many of my friends were working in London too, so you could also meet up afterwards for an after work drink.

While on this internship, I was made to do the typical things like coffee runs and paper copying but I was also given the opportunity to get involved in the script development side of things! For example, I wrote script feedback reports, which was very useful considering this is an assignment we are given during my Scriptwriting for Film and Television course! I even was allowed to sit in on a script reading of an upcoming TV pilot.

Being an intern allowed me to experience what life would be like working in the media industry and I loved it. Despite being a short internship, this experience helped me massively in gaining more practical skills and more knowledge on script development.

Through this internship I was able to discover that this is definitely the career path I would like to take, which for young people is such a rare find.  It has helped me plan my future after university and hopefully this experience will be my foot in the door of working professionally in the UK Media industry.

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