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beach - ChalrieOh we do like to be beside the seaside, don’t we? The salty air, the soft sand, the salty yet soggy chips and we can’t forget the seagulls wailing while they hunt for leftovers.

Yes, we all love a place by the sea. But what makes Bournemouth so special is how lovely a beach it is – and that’s coming from someone who has actually lived in a seaside town before. The difference with Bournemouth is that the location has beautiful sights and actually makes you want to explore!

The weather is always beautiful down here with most days having clear blue skies, so obviously we take advantage of the beach (I mean, why wouldn’t you?). Not only that, but having a beach includes lots of activities! You can bike ride along the prom, play volleyball or swim in the sea. Or if you’re lazy like me you can just relax and watch the beautiful sunset. It sounds cheesy, but it is actually a really lovely sunset. Another awesome thing you can do at the beach is go into Aruba, grab yourself a nice cocktail and chill on the balcony watching the waves.

Beach huts - Charlie

There are also the gardens in Bournemouth, and I swear it really is greener than anywhere else I’ve seen! People have picnics during the summer, while during winter there’s a wonderful light display and an ice rink. There are also lots of animals in the parks and the squirrels are super friendly. It’s what you imagine a perfect park to be like.

All in all, Bournemouth is a beautiful place in my opinion, which makes it a wonderful place to live.

By Charlie Sawers

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