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I remember when I first saw the words “Unilet” as my place for accommodation and let out a deep, hysterical cry to which I could have been mistaken for a cat wailing for 6 hours straight. I know that’s not a great way to start this blog but honestly looking back I just laugh and think “wow, was I an idiot,” because being in a Unilet was probably the best thing to ever happen to me.

First off, the probability of getting an actual comfy double bed is like eight times out of ten and the rooms will be ten times bigger than student halls rooms (probably cleaner as well…. sort of). Did I mention it was cheaper than halls as well?

If you consider yourself an introvert, Unilet is definitely the wiser choice, as you’ll mostly be in a quiet place. But fear not, because most Unilets are close to a high street with a Student haven, such as cheap supermarkets, coffee shops, bars, take-away places, and clothes shops.


However, if you’re more into the sociable side of things and think “god I will be so alone” then you’ll be pleased to hear that Unilets actually have a great community!  People will hold house parties plus barbecues (because most Unilets have gardens!) and you can make some really great friends.

I know that most of you will think halls are the best for your student experience, but Unilet gives a wonderful experience while also having that homely feel.

Personally I would definitely recommend living in a Unilet, because living in halls seems so unimaginable for me, but ultimately it depends on what experience you want to get out of your first year at university.

By Charlie Sawers

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