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With Eurovision being one of the most exciting yet wacky televised contest, it’s no wonder we hold parties to celebrate it!

Eurovision song contest, KYIV 2017

Before I started university, I didn’t celebrate Eurovision, mostly as I saw it as just a more extravagant X-Factor. However, this all changed when I had my first Eurovision party and now Eurovision is like Christmas, only with Graham Norton instead of Santa Claus.

To have a successful Eurovision you will only need four things:

1. Friends who will shout at the TV/Sing-a-long with the music
2. Take-out food so you can stress eat when the competition gets more dramatic
3. A portable chair. With everyone cramped round the TV, you don’t want to be the one to sit on the floor and end up with a numb backside!
4. Your favourite drink. Lots of it.

Me and my friends at our Eurovision party

When you have all these you are ready to play the Eurovision drinking game. At the beginning of the night, we all put the name of each Country in a hat and pick one (this will come into play later).

Now to begin the show! There are always key things you should take your drink at. Such as when a presenter tries to tell a joke that doesn’t really pull off or when they give a sassy comment about a performance.

Later when the results come in, we have to drink every time our individual Countries receives points! This can either be really good or really bad, depending on what country you get…Especially when you have to down your drink if your country wins.

Certain things to watch out for this year include the return of the Moldova’s Epic Sax Guy from 2010 (who has become a classic Eurovision internet meme) and Italy, who are favourite to win with their dancing ape! Although it may appear funny, the song actually discusses quite controversial topics in relation to Western Culture.

Surprisingly, UK is also a high favourite to win this year (finally!) with Welsh beauty Lucie Jones from X Factor 2009.

So, get your flags ready! ‘Cus this year is going to be an exciting one!

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