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Bonjour! Today, I am excited to share my unforgettable journey of academic exploration and cultural immersion during my month at Audencia Business School in Nantes, France. Thanks to the invaluable support of the Turing Scheme, I had the opportunity to not only enhance my knowledge in diverse subjects but also build lifelong connections with friends from 30 different countries. Join me as I recount the impact of this transformative adventure on my personal growth, the support I received from the Turing Scheme, and how friendships forged across borders greatly expanded my global network.

Preparing for the Mobility:

Securing a place at Audencia Business School required careful research into their programs, focusing on courses relevant to my major. The application process was smooth, and the support of the Audencia staff made it all the more encouraging.

Meanwhile, the Turing Scheme funding application process was both challenging and rewarding. With the guidance and expertise of my university’s international office, I presented a strong case for funding, making my dream of studying in France possible. The Turing Scheme’s support was invaluable in relieving the financial burden associated with studying abroad.

Settling In:

As I arrived in Nantes, a mix of excitement and nervousness washed over me. The city’s charm instantly captivated me, and my cozy apartment soon felt like a home away from home.

Audencia Business School Campus

Life at Audencia Business School:

Studying at Audencia Business School was a game-changer for me. The courses were intellectually stimulating, and the professors encouraged lively discussions and critical thinking. Interacting with a diverse cohort of international students exposed me to various perspectives and taught me the value of cultural exchange.

Building Lifelong Connections:

Beyond the classrooms, I had the privilege of meeting students from 30 different countries. We shared laughter, study sessions, and exploration of Nantes’ hidden gems, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime. The friendships I forged with this diverse group enriched my understanding of the world and challenged stereotypes.

My batchmates from 30+ different countries

Global Outlook & Reflections:

Studying alongside friends from 30 different countries significantly expanded my global network. As we shared our aspirations and career goals, I discovered the vast opportunities that await in different corners of the world. These connections have opened doors to potential collaborations and partnerships in the future.

Personal and Professional Growth:

This experience broadened my horizons, not only academically but also in terms of cultural awareness. Being away from home challenged me to adapt to new situations and discover resilience, independence, and self-assurance. I also honed my communication skills through interactions with friends from various linguistic backgrounds.

Impact of Turing Scheme Funding:

The Turing Scheme funding had a profound impact on my mobility experience. It not only relieved the financial burden but also allowed me to fully immerse myself in the experience. The freedom to explore more aspects of the local culture, participate in extracurricular activities, and attend industry events enriched my academic and personal growth.


To all students considering the Turing Scheme and studying abroad, I wholeheartedly recommend seizing the opportunity. Embrace the adventure of self-discovery, cultural exchange, and building lifelong connections. Studying abroad with the support of the Turing Scheme is a transformative journey that will leave an indelible mark on your heart and soul.

My conclusion:

My month at Audencia Business School in Nantes, France, was an extraordinary chapter in my academic journey. From embracing French language and culture to exploring diverse subjects and building friendships with individuals from 30 different countries, every moment left a lasting impact on my personal and professional growth.

The support of the Turing Scheme played a vital role in making this experience possible. Without the funding, I might not have had the opportunity to create cherished memories, broaden my global outlook, and expand my professional network.

As I bid adieu to Nantes and the friends I made, I carry with me cherished memories, a broader global outlook, and a newfound passion for the esports industry. Let my journey inspire you to embark on your own adventure of self-discovery, cultural exploration, and friendship as you step into the world of possibilities that awaits you! Remember, the world is your oyster, and with the support of the Turing Scheme, you can make your academic dreams come true. Bon voyage!

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  1. Hurawatch

    Audencia Business School in Nantes, France is a very good place to study. My cousin was studying there and now he is one of the finest person and earner in our family. The school crafts people.


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