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We’re the Transitions team. We want to help make sure your transition to BU is as easy as possible….

The two suitcases rule

When thinking about what to bring to the UK there are a few things to consider. Check the luggage allowance for your airline. If you need to bring more, it’s usually much cheaper to ship your belongings to the UK after you’ve arrived. We recommend a maximum of two suitcases as you’ll as you’ll need to carry them around the airport, onto the coach or train and at your accommodation.

Keep these things in your hand luggage

We highly recommend you keep the following items in your hand luggage. It will be much easier if you have access to them on the plane and before you’ve collected your suitcases.

UK address & BU offer letter

It’s very important to carry a letter or email from BU confirming your UK address as well as your BU offer letter. If you’re a non-EU student on a Tier 4 Student Visa you will also need a printed CAS statement.

Landing Card

Non-EEA passengers usually need to complete a landing card on the plane. It will delay your journey if you wait until you get to immigration. If you’re not sure about completing a landing card, the cabin crew on your plane will be able to help.

UK currency

We recommend bringing £50 to £100 in UK sterling. It may be useful if you want to buy something to eat or drink at the airport. Once you arrive in Bournemouth, there are plenty of cash machines/ATMs you can use with a Visa or MasterCard.

The weather in Bournemouth

When the temperature here is very different to home, it’s a bit of shock for some students. Although the weather in September is often sunny and warm it can also be rainy, windy and a bit cold.

Bring something warm to wear from the airport to Bournemouth. Pack some warm jumpers, a waterproof coat and shoes and umbrella if you have one. But don’t worry, we have plenty of shops so you can easily buy them once you arrive in the UK.

Something to remind you of home

We recommend packing something to remind you of home. Why not decorate your new room to make it feel a bit more homely – photographs and posters are always great!

At BU, there are cultural celebrations throughout the year. Bring something from your country which represents your culture, like an item of traditional clothing but it’s up to you!

Bringing food into the UK

Meat, dairy products and dried food are not permitted if you’re travelling from outside the EU. X-ray machines and sniffer dogs at the airport will also detect food in your suitcases.

It’s easy to buy international, Halal and Kosher food in Bournemouth. The big supermarkets, Aldi and Lidl all sell world food and smaller shops sell specialist foods from Eastern Europe, Asia, the Middle East, etc.

We hope this information helps make your journey to the UK as easy as possible. Please email us via if you have any questions.

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