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Moving to university can be very daunting and scary. It was for me! I moved from the other side of the country in the middle of nowhere! But, when I learned these 5 tips, it made life much easier for me, now it’s my turn to share them with you!

1 – Pack to perfection!

A standard BU accommodation roomKnowing what to pack for university is difficult. You don’t want to overpack, but you don’t want to forget anything. When I was packing, I made a list with lots of categories and ticked it off as I went along. For example, Bedroom (bedding, pillows, cushions, blanket, chargers), Bathroom (Razor, Towels, TOILET ROLL!, Bath Mats) and Kitchen (Knives, Chopping Boards, Pots and Pans, Baking Trays) and Important documents (Passport/Drivers License)

In our Halls of Residence at BU, every hall provides slightly different essentials, after you have booked your room, take a look at our Handy Guide to see what your accommodation supplies.

2 – Register with the local GP

ABuilding on Talbot Campuss you’re moving away from home, it is important to remember your health! Therefore, registering with your local GP is a good way to start. At BU, we have a Student Medical Centre available to students and it is ON CAMPUS!! Making it so easy to get medical help when you need it.

3 – Apply for Student Finance!

If you don’t plan on paying for your tuition and your living costs, you are recommended to get a student loan. This is split into two different loans, a Tuition Fee Loan and a Maintenance Loan.

A tuition fee loan is a loan that is paid directly to the university and pays for your tuition. And a maintenance loan is a loan paid directly to you! This is money that is meant for helping you with your living costs (rent, food, bills, etc.).

You’ll need to apply for this before you start you studies! Take a look at this guide from gov.uk!

4 – Book your accommodation!

At BU, we have a very unique system for booking our accommodation and there are two stages to this:

Stage 1 – Register your interest in accommodation – This is where any students with an offer (conditional or unconditional) can register their interest in accommodation at BU.

Stage 2 – Choose and book your accommodation – This is where you log on to our accommodation portal and reserve a room yourself for September. This allows you to choose the halls you want to live in!!. View your options HERE!

5 – Don’t overthink it!

Yes, moving to university can be scary, but you are not alone in this! There are plenty of other students moving in at the same time as you, giving you a unique opportunity to make some new friends!!

A pile of post-it notes with the words Stop Over Thinking written on the post-it note

There you go! My 5 top things to do before moving into University! Best of luck with your studies and can’t wait to meet you in September!


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