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Now that you have gotten an offer to study at Bournemouth University, I cannot but join other well-wishers to congratulate you, indeed, it is going to be another stride towards attaining your career goal. Obviously, this would take you away from your home country as an international student. Take note that it is compulsory that you accept the offer made to you and subsequently upload the necessary documents to the BU online portal


Indeed, tertiary study both undergraduate and postgraduate is an investment worth giving thorough and adequate planning before embarking on it. Needless to say, it requires funding ranging from tuition, accommodation fee, books allowance, etc. One must explore every available opportunity to minimise the financial cost by exploring scholarships and research grants within reach. At BU, there are Academic Excellence Scholarship (AES), BU Vice-Chancellor Scholarship, Chevening Scholarship, Executive Dean Scholarship, and so many other grants. For instance, I was first granted the AES and it was automatic upon the offer of admission I received from BU. Later, I submitted an application for the Executive Dean Scholarship, and I felt elated when I received an email granting me the award.

Payment of Deposit

BU requires an initial deposit of £3000 out of your advertised tuition to secure your place. One is required to make the deposit immediately after your offer or before a prescribed date as the issuance of a letter of Confirmation of Study is contingent upon it. The balance of the tuition is payable on resumption in two equal instalments. All fees at BU are quoted in Great Britain Pounds (GBP) and you can make your payment by credit/debit card online payment or use flywire for payment from overseas. It may interest you to know that I made my deposit from Nigeria by an international bank through Nigeria CBN designated ‘Form A’ to the Barclays bank account of BU, which I requested and was sent to me. As soon as I got a telex copy confirming the successful offshore transfer of my deposit to BU, I scanned and email the telex copy to the BU international admission team and the payment was duly confirmed.


The next thing you should consider is accommodation after securing your place. You may choose to live in the halls of residence provided by the BU management or elect to stay in private houses within the campus community either around the Talbot campus or Lansdown campus. Whichever is your choice, reserving it on time would save you the stress and cost of staying in a guest house at resumption and before securing an apartment to live in.

Visa Application

The CAS document is sent to you for you to apply for your student permit, which upon approval enables you to travel to the UK for your study proper. Upon your arrival, you may then make an arrangement to collect your biometric residence permit (BRP), if you made your BU your point of collecting the BRP.

Finally, you settle down at Bournemouth and environs for your study, have a great stay!

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