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The summer before starting university can be everything from confusing to exciting to scary. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, so here are the three things I did before uni and the three things I wish I’d done.

1. Get your finances sorted.

It’s important to research the cost of tuition, accommodation, and living expenses so that you can come to university worry-free. Applying to student finance early will get it out of the way but make sure to research if you are eligible for scholarships. You can visit BU’s financial advice page here.

Keeping all my documents and information organised in one place was very helpful when it came to preparing for university.

2. Prepare for the course.

The most important thing to know is your course start dates, but if you’ve received any information such as suggested reading, feel free to get started. university notes and a laptop This helped me feel more prepared for university and gave me a better idea about what my studies would look like.

You can look at our BU ambassador blogs and vlogs for specific course content- for example here’s what Q did in a day as a media production student.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed in the run-up to uni, so the key to managing stress is staying organised!



3. Enjoy your summer!

Spend time with your family and friends! It’s important to rest before this next stage of your life so enjoy the free time and nice weather. University can be lonely, especially in your first semester when you’re finding your feet- so get to know yourself and learn how to enjoy your own company!

With that covered, here are the three things I wish I had done before coming to university:

1. Join online groups.

Joining online groups before university is a great way to connect with other students in the same accommodation or course as you and make friends before the semester even begins! Online group chats or message boards can offer more personal information or advice about student life at Bournemouth uni.

Some of my friends met in the comments under a BU Ambassador vlog, so don’t be afraid to reach out and message people privately!

2. Learn how to cook.fruit and vegetables in a supermarket

Learning how to cook nutritious meals will help ward off that Freshers’ Flu, and keep you in great shape. Those cheeky take-aways add up! Learning how to cook at home will save you a lot of money, and practicing how to budget for food shops can prevent overspending, not to mention cooking for your new flatmates is a great way to break the ice!

3. Get to know your area.

In my first year I was too shy to fully explore and it took me almost a full year to really get to know my way around! Getting to know Bournemouth will help you feel at home once you move in. It’s helpful to know where the nearest food shops, pharmacies and post offices are but it also feels great to be familiar with leisure spots and walking routes.

Check out our BU ambasBournemouth beach at dusk taken from the point of view at the end of Bournemouth Piersador’s blogs and vlogs about the Bournemouth area.

You can also look online on Google Maps, Facebook, public snapchat stories, and if you live close enough – take a day trip!


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