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LL.M International commercial Law

BU as your choice!

Now that you have chosen Bournemouth University (BU) as your next place of education and development. You may have the assurance of the quality of postgraduate (PG) training being offered in various courses of studies by an array of disciplined but caring faculties with multicultural backgrounds at BU. In subsequent paragraphs, it would be shown why general and specific requirements for your PG study must be met and you would understand why it is good for you to have a thought on funding as well as your career goal before setting out to apply for your PG study.

Requirements for your course

Generally, the English language is the language of instruction at BU. Therefore, as an international student, you must exhibit your competency in English if English is not your first language of instruction in the country where you were educated until attainment of your bachelor’s degree. Test grade above average may suffice in either of these: Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and International English Language Testing System (IELTS) in support of your application. Another requirement hurdle, you must scale as a postgraduate prospect is to check the BU website for specific entry information or requirements for your course of study. These may include requirements as to the class of degree (1st, 2.1 or 2.2), undergraduate (UG) courses admissible to the PG course, the required number of references, applicable school fees, etc.

Clear Statement of Purpose

Just as the name implies, a statement of purpose reveals to the PG admission board the ends you seek to achieve from the study you are about to embark on. However, you would have to reveal the background, that is your achievements at your UG study upon which you want to build skills achievable in your PG programme. It is just fine if you are changing your line of course of study or moving from one career to another; you only need to explain the reason why you are changing to a new course/career in your statement of purpose. Your statement may also include your research interest/bias, how that course would improve you, make you employable and rank you higher in your packs. For instance, I stated specifically that the LL.M programme would empower me to be able to analyse the trade policy of the newly formed Africa Continental Free Trade Area Agreement. Simply, state your career goals in your statement of purpose.

Funding and Scholarship

It is often said that PG education is a huge investment. For me, all scholars should aspire for quality grants/scholarships to fund their further studies at BU if they can secure one. After my application for Master of Laws in International Commercial Law and upon receiving the offer of admission, I was granted an Academic Excellence Scholarship worth £3000. I targeted a bigger grant, and my application was successful. I received the BU dean’s award of 50% reduction on the advertised tuition fee for my course, which was a big financial relief for me. For a future, applicant, you have to surf the BU website for information concerning funding and scholarship available to you.

Finally, you need to attend the BU international open day; it is always a webinar meant to educate you on your application for admission at BU or chat with a student or staff member through the unibuddy.

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