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Timetables. You either love them or hate them – whilst the majority of us know that the timetabling department aren’t purposely trying to ruin our lives (it can’t be an easy job creating a schedule for every course), it can be kind of annoying if you have an early morning AND late evening class with nothing in between. Sure, you could just go home and take a nap and hope that your alarm goes off in time, but let me try to convince you to stay on campus for just a few more hours…

Pumpkin picking with a SUBU society!

SUBU – first up, I’m sure most students have heard of BU’s student union. They plan some really cool activities, ranging from educational workshops and careers fairs, to painting and plant potting. If you check out their website, there’s all the information about societies and volunteering with SUBU, including a really interesting section on virtual volunteering – definitely a great thing to do in your spare time that you can add to your CV!

Free on campus activities in the SUBU building!

SportBU –  want to try something new? Join SportBU! The membership is much more affordable compared to other gyms and even includes unlimited access to the group fitness classes! My personal favourite is pump, but I’ve also tried out Zumba, yoga and some spin classes. If you get your membership at the start of the academic year, they usually have an earlybird discount – I paid £120 for the year, but you can also pay monthly or semesterly (don’t worry, they also have showers so you won’t have to turn up to your final lecture all sweaty!).

Languages@BU – an AMAZING skill to develop to add to your CV, as well as for your own personal benefit! Languages@BU is completely free, you just select the language you want to learn and you get access to a whole range of learning material to either further develop your knowledge or learn a language completely from scratch!

Campus work – if you want to earn a bit of extra money in between lectures and seminars, consider applying for a job on campus. You can apply to work in one of the campus cafes, in the PAL department or as a student ambassador. These are all great roles to work in, super flexible and very well paid. I’ve worked as a student ambassador for 3 years and I would really recommend it – it’s the perfect part time job for a university student because of how flexible it is!

Well, there you go, a whole bunch of suggestions! Don’t get me wrong, I love a good nap in between classes, but I also love the campus atmosphere and sometimes (although rarely!) I have no coursework to do. These are all things that I have done in my 3 years at university and I would highly recommend them all, they’re a lot of fun and most are great to add to your CV. Plus, most of them you can do from the comfort of Dylan’s with a cheap meal and a drink or two 😉

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  1. Jerome Darwin Chua

    It was nice to read this kind of blog for student who experienced those kind of choices during his/her spare time in between of his/her classes. Thinking about what to do in his/her spare time on the campus, it helps those who read this kind of blog to enjoy their campus life if they have these kinds of choices or can experience this kind of spare time. Choosing between taking a nap during the spare time or earning a little bit of extra money for his/her expenses, to join an affordable membership fee with unlimited access to the group fitness classes. They also have a shower available for those who use the gym, letting you to freshen up and to be not sweaty before you return to class.


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