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Hi! If you’re here because you’re looking for new places to go in Bournemouth, you come to the right post! I will be sharing my personal favourite coffee spots and eateries in Bournemouth, and maybe one of these will become your favourite too!

Coffee spot :

  • Delice des champs

A french café located on the same row as 7 bone, this is an ultimate hidden gem. 10/10 would recommend if you’d like to have a nice breakfast and sandwiches, they have a variety of choices and 10% student discounts!

Big breakfast (credit: TripAdvisor)










  • South Coast Coffee

Located by the hills on the same row as Starbucks and Wildwood, this place offer locally roasted craft coffee with an entirely vegan-friendly menu. The foods are so delicious, this place is a must to go!

Foods (credit: TripAdvisor)

South Coast Roast Coffee


  • Norwegian Wood Press

A lovely little find near the square, this café is located just behind my old student accommodation, Mercury House. Serving a large portion breakfast meals with very affordable price!

Breakfast at Norwegian Wood (credit: TripAdvisor)


  • Yunique Bubble Tea

Personally, this is my most favourite and my go-to bubble tea place in Bournemouth! Just opened in 2020, the drinks selections are incredible. They also do non-dairy milk as a choice for those who’s lactose intolerance. On your first visit, you’ll be given a card where you can collect a stamp on every single purchase. Once you’ve collected 10 stamps, you’re able to get 1 bubble tea for free!

The classic: Brown Sugar Milk Tea with Tapioca Balls

My favourite: Mango Smashed Milk


  • Cremma

They offer variety of patisserie and coffee (& tea!). Located between HSBC and Kokoro in town, you can choose to either sit indoor or outdoor and choose any of their delicious foods on display!

Red Velvet Cake


Eatery :

  • Turtle Bay

As an international student, the concept of bottomless brunch is foreign for me. I only notice the existence when I got into my second year of uni. I heard about this place from my course mate, and when I got there, I totally gets why! For only £28.50 per person, you can order as many cocktails as you and your friends would like (drink responsibly!) and you can also switch with the mocktails in between. The foods is so good that we decided to have 2 main foods for each of us! They do serve vegan menu options as well.

Turtle Bay Bottomless Brunch


  • 7 bone

This is the place that I’d go for the best burger in town. Sometimes you’ll need to wait for more than 30 minutes, but the wait will always be worth it! Love all of their selections and the milkshakes. They also do a vegan menu.

Burgers (set meal) and milkshakes


  • Kokoro

One of my favourite places to have some sushi & their hot foods! Totally affordable and they served halal meats as well.

Sushi Salmon Set by Kokoro


  • Wildwood

From pizza to pasta, and options of delicious dessert. If you are a student, you are entitled for 50% discount on weekdays! So definitely worth to come by with your friends or with all of your flatmates! Located just right next to Starbucks in town square.

Risotto & Pizza

Dessert at Wildwood


  • Mighty Wieners

Last but not least, the place with all vegan menu! Definitely a must to go when you’re in Bournemouth. With cozy sittings indoor & outdoor, and variety of choices on the menu. They also do delicious vegan ice cream!

Located just right next to ‘Poole Hill’ bus stop

Very big portion of vegan foods


Overall, Bournemouth have a lot to offer in terms of their restaurants and coffee spots. My list of 10 places obviously won’t be able to cover all of them! I’m grateful to choose Bournemouth as my place to do my undergraduate studies and being able to enjoy my student life to the max!

Hope you find this entries to be useful! If you have any further questions or would like to just chat with me, you can reach me at Unibuddy: Ayra Unibuddy

Have a lovely day!

– Ayra H.

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