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Personally, I was scared that Bournemouth would be just a ‘dead town’ with nothing much to do. However, it’s quite the opposite, once I got to Bournemouth and actually began enjoying the lifestyle here. The nightlife is great, but for this blog, I will focus more on places you can go with your friends to do fun activities.

  1. Crazy Golf – Mr Mulligan Bournemouth
    It’s located in the BH2 Leisure building and in front of the Hilton Hotel. The normal price for a student is £9 but if you go after 7 pm on Wednesday, you’ll get it for £5 per person! You can book your tickets online here: Mr Mulligan

    Mr Mulligan


  2. Bowling + Arcades – Bowl Central
    This place is located near the Pavillion. Bowling is just £7 per game for each student and the arcades offer student price as well! You can make the reservation for the bowling alley here: Bowl Central and you can just walk in to play in the arcades with your student ID.



  3. Laser Tag – Laser Quest Glen Fern Road
    You can come here on Tuesday as they do ‘Student Tuesday’ with offers £8 for 3 games! Student ID will be required and you can make your bookings here: Laser Quest Bournemouth

    credit: Laser Quest’s Instagram


  4. Museums – Russell-Cotes Museum & Art Gallery and Poole Museum
    These are good places you can go with your friends and get to know more about Bournemouth. The stafs are very friendly and they often have an interesting exhibition going on. They also have a ‘play area’ where you can do fun activities with your friends.  Russell-Cotes Museum & Art Gallery offers a student price of £4 and you can make your reservation here: Russell-Cotes

    Russell-Cotes Museum & Art Gallery


    Poole Museum offers free entrance and you can just walk in. To get there from Bournemouth Central, you can get the bus m1 or m2 by MoreBus. You can also go around Poole and its Harbour afterwards. Definitely, a must-visit!

    Me & my friend having fun at Poole Museum


  5. Adventures – Old Harry Rocks and Corfe Castle
    If you and your friends would like to go for an adventure nearby, these places are totally worth it. You can get bus number 50 by MoreBus to Studland, and from the bus stop, you can walk through the farms and hills towards Old Harry Rocks.

    Old Harry Rocks


    I would take bus number 40 by MoreBus to Swanage and stop at Village Centre. It’s just walking distance from the bus stop and you can walk around the village as well! Or if you fancy walking around the Isle of Purbeck, you can walk from Studland to Corfe Castle.

    View from Corfe Castle – the Village


I hope this blog would help to give you some ideas on where to go around Bournemouth and have fun with your friends. Hope you enjoy your time exploring and going to these places! Take care!

If you have any further questions or would like to just chat with me, you can reach me at Unibuddy: Ayra Unibuddy

– Ayra H.

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