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As someone who enjoys international cuisine and is a big traveller and foodie, I am always keen to hear of students experience when visiting Bournemouth for international cuisine. I often get asked by prospective international students where they can find a range of Brazilian, African, and Thai cuisine options around Bournemouth.

First, as a student, I understand budget is key.  When entering international supermarkets, you may find that, due to exportation fees, these branded ingredients may be a little more costly. However, supermarkets such as ASDA, situated at the train station, opposite the Lansdowne student halls of residents and the Bournemouth Gateway Building, home to our health and social care hub, have an international aisle where you may find cheaper

English supermarket close to train station, selling international ingredients

brands ranging from Mediterranean specialities to Latin American ingredients.

Bournemouth has a range of international supermarkets such as:

  • Asia Shop, 195 Christchurch Road
  • Vaigai Food Supermarket (Asian grocery store), 93 Old Christchurch Road
  • Feng Hua Chinese Supermarket, 17 Withermoor Road
  • Kim’s Asian Food Store, 156 Holdenhurst Road
  • No 1 South African Shop, Christchurch
  • Ararat International Supermarket, 787 Christchurch Road
  • Yaawin Global Spicy Supermarket, Christchurch Road
  • International Food Centre, Charminster Road
  • Brazilian Beef, Wimborne Road
  • Polish Market Polski Sklep, Christchurch Road

Inside Naked Coffee Co.

One thing that student’s typically love is coffee. Naked Coffee Shop, in Lansdowne Bournemouth, serves a great Brazilian coffee option, which offers an ‘intense roast’ option that is considerably stronger than most coffee options. There is a Naked Coffee on site at Talbot Campus also, as an independent artisan local business, they take pride in roasting, blending, and brewing ethical coffee. They have many blends but for those that love international blends, they specialise in Brazilian, Rwandan and Colombian blends. I’ve been drinking Naked coffee for years and can vouch for their ethical productions, great tasting coffee and student discounts and loyalty schemes.

Zim Braai, Bournemouth- African Award-Winning Cuisine Restaurant

If you want to eat out and experience international cuisines here are just a few of Bournemouth’s restaurants that offer a variety of international dishes.

At Talbot Campus, the Fusion building serves international dishes at the counter service from 8.30am-2.30pm. There is also an International Students Community you can join at Bournemouth University that organise events to connect those studying at BU from overseas. These vary from nights out, social events, to dining out together, alongside a Baking and Cooking Society that allows you to meet fellow students and learn new recipes together.

I hope this blog helps encourage you to try new dishes and be more informed about where to find your own country’s traditional dishes to fix that wave of homesickness. There are a wide range of options in Bournemouth, so you’ll never be short of culinary choice!


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