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Stuck in lockdown with wanderlust? You are not the only one! It’s been three weeks since the UK entered a period of lockdown, which has had a huge impact on all of our lives, especially to all those who had plans over the holidays. However, thanks to the internet, there is a possibility to travel the world virtually.


  1. Google Street View

This is definitely one of my favourite ways to travel virtually. Not only is Google Maps free but its Street View option actually lets you transport yourself to wherever in the world, whenever you want. You can wander the Hollywood Boulevard, see Egypt’s pyramids and visit Sydney’s harbour in the same day! All you have to do is drop that little orange man where you wish you go.

2 – Virtual Tours

With everything being in lockdown, lots of museums, parks and hotels are promoting online virtual tours. The Natural Marine Sanctuaries’s virtual tours lets you dive into the sea, see coral reefs and swim with sea lions. Museums like the Louvre, the National Gallery and the Vatican have tours which let you the option to walk around and even zoom in little details that would probably be hard to see in person. Places like Central Park in New York, Hawaii’s volcanoes and the Kenal Fjords have also started their own virtual tours.

Also, have you ever wanted to go to space? Now you can, and it is free as well! The Space Center Houston app lets you go to the Moon, watch the Saturn V launch and more.


3 –  Go On Disney Rides On YouTube

Missing DisneyLand? Disney World recently launched a 360 degree video YouTube channel where you can experience the park rides as though you were there in real life. From rollercoasters, to haunted houses and parades, there is so much in store for you to choose. Plus, you can use your VR headset or Google Cardboard, if you are using your phone, to enhance your experience.


4 – Travel Vlogs

Probably less immersive than the other options, but still fun to watch! Search for vlogs on your favourite destination, see what the place looks like and what people have done there. Though the camera quality might not be good on some travel vlogs, there are some really good ones out there that will let you have a spectacular view of the scenery, and who knows, maybe they can give you some ideas for when you get out of your lockdown.

And if you don’t have a clue where to start or what you might like to visit, just check top travel vloggers and give one a go, here are some of my favourites.


5 – Live Webcams

Lastly, if you are wondering what your favourite destinations look now that they are empty, you can search for live webcams on YouTube and see what is going on in iconic places like Times Square and Sydney Harbour.


Hope these ways satisfy your wanderlust, keep you busy during this monotonous time, and make you feel excited to make travel plans once you get the chance. Stay safe and keep busy!


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