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Change is scary. Especially if it is the first time you are away from home. That is what it was like for me when I started as a Bournemouth University postgraduate in September. Whether you are a UK or International, September or January start, here are some tips to make the best out of your first term at BU!

Tip 1 – Leave Your Room

If you are an introvert like me, the thought of staying in your room and not talking to anyone can be tempting. Ignore it. Even if it feels scary, go out of your room, introduce yourself to your flatmates, do things together, ask them what they will be studying at BU.

I found in my experience that talking to people helped me settled in my uni halls better than if I had just stayed in my room. Because, even though we all were from different countries, we had something in common. They were on their own, just like me. So even though I was away from my home country (the Netherlands), I never really felt like I was on my own.

Tip 2 – Explore The Town

Once you’ve met some people, another good thing to do is get out of your accommodation and have a walk around the town. I did this with my flatmates when we first moved in, and it made me feel more reassured, as one of my biggest fears is getting lost in a new place. And of course, who does not love to walk on the beach watching the glistening sea in the distance?

Durdle Door |Taken by Jessica Grano de Oro


Tip 3 – Join Activities

SUBU and ResLife are great for this as they organise lots of events for students throughout the year, and especially when everyone is moving in. They do trips, nights out, workshops, you name. I joined a SUBU trip to the Jurassic coast, where I had the chance to bring my dear Coolpix and take pics of Dorset’s amazing scenery, and I also took part in a surf lesson where I met lots of new people as well!

For those who like nights out, the Old Fire Station organises a Fresher’s Week each year where you can get into lots of club nights with a wristband.

Tip 4: Look For Support If You Need It

Whether you are an international, like me, or a fresher, it can be overwhelming to write lots of academic essays and plan your projects. Bournemouth University has loads of teams to support students, like Health and Wellbeing. Since I am not a native speaker, I made use of the Library Services and the Careers and Employability teams to improve my writing skills and prepare myself for job hunting.


ResLife Event, Animals visit the halls | Taken by Jessica Grano de Oro


Hopefully these tips reassured you about starting uni life and gave you an insight into the amazing adventure that Bournemouth University is!




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