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Hi guys! I’m Malvika Shahi and I’m doing my Masters in Creative Writing and Publishing at Bournemouth University.

Travelling around the UK on a budget is quite easy, you can read all about it on our blog about Exploring the UK on a budget.

So, now that you’ve booked your tickets and are ready to go, what next? Day trips can be amazing, especially when you come prepared. To make your awesome day trip even more amazing, we have some tips that will help it be more smooth and fun!

Check the weather beforehand

Of course, you would want to take some cute Instagram pictures from your wonderful trip, so dress cute but don’t forget about the British weather. Check the weather beforehand and dress accordingly to avoid ruining your trip by not packing a coat or bringing an umbrella.

Map out the place 

Before heading to your destination, map out the place and see how to get around when you reach there. Most places can be explored on foot, as everything is walking distance from each other. But even then, plan out where you want to go and save the routes for it in case your mobile data does not have good reception during the trip.

Pack a water bottle

We know that you can get water bottles anywhere, but why waste money on something that you can just bring along? Not to mention how great it will be for the environment.

Day trips involve a lot of walking around, and water will be your best friend during this time.

Check out the free places

The best thing about travelling in the UK as a student is that you can see amazing places, free of cost. Many museums, parks and historical monuments can be visited for free, take advantage of that and plan your itinerary accordingly.

Have some cash on hand

You never know what kind of amazing popup shops you’ll come across, and some of those places don’t accept cards, so carrying a little bit of cash can come in handy when you wanna buy a souvenir from your trip or get some great food.

Your student ID

Don’t forget that your student ID can get you loads of discounts all over the country, so no matter where you’re going, don’t forget to take your student ID with you and ask for student discounts.


Now, you don’t need to go and buy a new one but if you have one, don’t forget to bring it with you. One of the best things about trips is being able to take amazing and fun photographs, but you also need your phone for maps and e-tickets and you don’t want to run out of battery at the worst possible moment. 

Many cafes provide power outlets but since you can never be sure, it’s best to have a backup of your own.

Wear comfortable shoes

I made the worst mistake on one of my trips and decided to wear boots, which resulted in tired feet and blisters. Wear comfortable shoes and you’ll thank yourself later.


So now that you’re ready to travel, what are you waiting for? Go out and explore!