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Between all the parties and festivals which are often targeted at undergrads, it can be tough as a postgraduate to find nightlife dedicated to us. However, you don’t always have to go to fresher events to have fun. There are lots of great venues around town where you make your night your own. And while it might be a while, here are the top venues that you should visit when Bournemouth reopens!


For clubs the Old Fire Station and Cameo are the place to be.

The great thing about The Old Fire Station is that it has a nice mix of nightlife. Aside from club nights, you also have live music and comedy nights, all at a student price. Applebum, Lollipop, Foreverland and the Block Party are some of the most popular nights, especially at the start of September. This year bands like Definitely Mightbe (Oasis tribute band) and She Drew The Gun took the stage, and big artists like Ed Sheeran and The Black Keys have also performed here in previous years. For laughs, Comedy Nation has hosted performers like Lou Sanders, Rob Beckett and many others from Mock The Week, Russell Howard’s Good News and the Edinburgh Fringe.

Cameo is also a popular venue for postgrads as it offers cheap tickets for great nights! The fantastic thing about Cameo is that it is bigger than other clubs. There are several floors with various DJs playing different tunes, so if you fancy a change of music, you can switch to another floor. Then there is a bar area if you want to have a drink with your friends and have a break from dancing, and a photo booth to take pics. A perfect souvenir to remember a fantastic night!

Pubs and Bars

I have to be honest, pubs are probably my favourite places for a night out. Clubs are fun if you like to dance, but for those like me, if you like a more relaxed setting with live music and a place where you can chat with friends, pubs are better.

Dylan’s Kitchen & Bar organises Monday quiz nights with cash prizes, Coffee House Sessions where you can listen to live bands, Thursday Karaoke nights where singers can win free cocktails and Friday drink deals – plus, you can play pool with your friends in between. It is also very convenient if you go to Talbot Campus and want to plan a night to blow some steam from exams.



If you are staying more in town, Wetherspoons, like the Christopher Creek, and Inferno are nice places to have a drinks night and chill out with your mates. They probably don’t have as many events as Dylan’s, but the vibe there is lovely, especially if you want to watch a rugby game or have a dinner party together!

Live Music

If concerts are your thing, head over to Bournemouth International Centre (BIC). The Script performed there this year and many more big names such as Little Mix and Muse have taken the floor in the past. Alternatively, the O2 Academy is a nice venue that organises lots of House and Drum and Bass music nights.


Lastly, be on the lookout for events like the Halloween Block Party, where you can get one ticket to enter a handful of clubs in town for one night, barbeque parties and outdoor festivals around town. It is an amazing opportunity to experience lots of popular DJs, step out of your routine and party to the maximum level.


Hope this gave you an idea how to set up your future itinerary when you finally come to Bournemouth. Don’t limit yourself to studying, have some fun with your mates in between too. Together, you will make nights to remember!

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