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Laundry whilst living in halls is something that is very quick and easy to get the hang off, thanks to what is offered to you by your accommodation and what you receive is similar across all the accommodations. Going into university, this wasn’t something I was fully used to doing it myself, but the halls made it easy to understand through a variety of methods given when I moved into my first-year accommodation (Purbeck House).

What is available?

My accommodation offered, in total, seven washing machines and nine tumble dryers which were available to students 24 hours a day with each wash taking around 35 minutes to complete and each drying cycle taking around 40 minutes. One of the most useful aspects of the system was the ability to check through certain apps which machines weren’t currently in use. Certain accommodations have specific apps for laundry (Purbeck having the MyUnite app) but the best one to use is the Circuit app.

How does the app work?

The Circuit app can be used across all accommodations and clearly shows you how to operate the machines. You can either scan the machine’s QR code using your phone to begin the cycle, or enter the unique code tailored to each machine. It will then require you to change the settings on the machine to whatever you want and then press start which will set off the machine and remove the money from your account. Money can primarily be added via PayPal either through your account or as a guest.

How much did it cost?:

Standard washes for me cost £3 and drying cost £1.70 but I opted out of using the dryers in favour of using my airer in my room as I decided it was easier to budget by just using the machines for washing.

There are lots of reasonably priced options available on amazon.

Whilst this may seem like a lot of information to take in, it didn’t take long for me to get used to the systems once I had moved in and it will become a quick an easy process in no time at all, no matter which accommodation you choose to go for.

Some quick tips I’ve learnt!

  • Don’t overfill the washing machine. It’s tempting when you want to get everything done and you want to wash your towels too but for a better wash its better not to cram everything in.
  • Select the right detergent. I’ve found single dose pods good (no leaking!)
  • Nobody really wants whites to end up as pink from having left a red sock in the mix. For the first few months why not try colour catcher sheets which protect against colour runs? Dylon colour catchers are one brand you can consider. 
  • Remember the key to stain removals is acting quickly. As possible as you spill spaghetti bolognese down your top, apply a stain remover like vanish and get it straight into the washer.
  • Clothes fade. So try not to wash clean clothes again because you haven’t put them away properly! Turning dark clothes inside out helps wear to the fabric.
  • Ironing can be a chore. But you can use softeners when drying clothing which help reduce creases. Top tip is to hang items up as quickly as possible!


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