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Living away from home means completely organising your whole entire life without the assistance of mum reminding you of certain commitments! After a while I have gotten used to using a diary or my phone to organise not only uni related deadlines, but also social arrangements and any (dreaded) housework! Making sure I was on top of everything is an area I’ve got better at over my first year of university.

Meal Planning

Lots of restaurants in Bournemouth to choose from!

Having to cook for myself three times a day was not really a big problem for me as I really enjoy cooking, but… I did feel like I was food shopping all the time!! At home, food seemed to magically appear in the cupboards, and there were always ingredients to use, however this was not the case at uni! I would go shopping, thinking I have enough food for the week, but after two or three days I would often feel I was running low! However, I’ve found meal planning is the best way to go! And, it’s something to look forward after a long day, if you’ve planned a meal you love and know you’ve got the ingredients in the cupboard! Going out to the supermarket with a list of specific items also, can help with not overspending (which I’m sure all students are guilty of!) by limiting your purchases to those only on your list.


Oh gosh, you forget about all the small chores you should complete when you’re caught up in the fun of uni life. Doing laundry is one that always catches me out. It’s suddenly laundry day and you must conquer this, quite boring, task. However, nothing beats freshly washed bedsheets!! So, there are pros and cons! General cleaning is an ongoing chore, like sweeping the floor and washing up, which over time I have become used to and its now just part of my day. The worse, but most usually urgent, task was taking out the bins. The walk just down to the bins would put me off, but it had to be done! And again, it has now become part of my routine as a student living away from home!

Valuing new friendships

Bournemouth Summerball!

The people you meet along your journey are so vitally important. Some are peers, some just familiar faces, and others become your best friends. Living away from family, means you spend every day with the people you surround yourself with, and they become like a second family. You watch movies, go out to dinner, the beach, late McDonald trips (very important!), party, and laugh till you cry! They’re completely different to school friendships, because of the large amount of time spent together rather than only seeing each other for a few hours a day. Valuing these is important, as they will most likely be with you through the highs and lows of your uni experience, as you step into the adult world!


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