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BA (Hons) Scriptwriting for Film and Television

Before coming to Uni, I decided to apply for the position of Student Ambassador, and I was very excited when I got accepted. From my own experience, I know how great it is to hear from other international students and learn about their experiences studying in a different country, and I really want to help other people that are thinking about coming to Bournemouth.

In the first week, we participated in a social media challenge. We had to create an Instagram post that would be interesting to prospective students, including writing a great caption. A few weeks later, I was invited to an interview.  I was asked to talk about why I would love to help in managing Bournemouth Uni’s international Instagram account, and I got accepted!

I have now been a member of the core social media group for a few months, along with four other international students. We have monthly meetings in which we discuss the content for the next month. It is always a lot of fun since we all love being creative and are interested in how social media works. We are trying to keep up the account’s uniformity while still being spontaneous and sharing content that would have helped us last year.

Coming up with good topics, creating captions and sharing posts and stories are all part of this job and getting to decide what content we want to post is amazing. Of course, we are not alone. If we have any questions or there are any issues with our content plans we always have the help and support of experienced members of the BU staff on our side, which is definitely a good thing.

I am very happy I decided to apply for this job as it is a lot of fun and I would completely recommend it to people that enjoy social media, especially Instagram!

Jenny Schwender (Germany), Scriptwriting for Film and Television student

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